Reflecting on Turmusaya


A fireworks explosion at a wedding hall last night in the village of Turmusaya left upwards of 28 people hurt, some critically. The footage above was recorded by an eyewitness at the scene. Later reports point out the blood on the ground, the consequent pandemonium, and the eerie silence that has since gripped the village. While we hold our breath and pray for everyone’s complete recovery, I hope we can use this time to reflect.

I can tell you that life is short but you already know that. Chances are you had a loved one whose time came to an end without warning. It’s out of our control, and the idea of “going out with a bang” can indeed be a very sad and certainly unwanted reality. Thankfully, this isn’t Turmusaya’s reality. The victims of the explosion are all alive and undergoing emergency treatment.

Aside from being more conscious about our time and how we use it, I hope to see this tragic incident bring about positive change such as the development of safety mechanisms. By virtue of their situation, Palestinians think resourcefully and creatively. Two years ago, three ambitious teenage girls from Nablus designed a revolutionary cane for the blind. In May, two Palestinian girls designed and tested an innovative irrigation system that won them fourth place in the world’s largest science fair. Though Palestine’s unstable economy might not look attractive enough for such an endeavor, here’s to hoping an ingenious soul will develop something that could minimize the danger of something as common as a round of fireworks.

An excellent thing about people from Turmusaya is that they’re a very unified people. Even within Palestine’s inner sphere of politics, traditions, and inside jokes, Turmusaya has given birth to the most tightly knit community I have ever come across. Entire families lean on one another and perhaps this is what makes this awful incident that much worse. The worry and the anxiety blankets the entire village, not just the homes of the injured.

It’s a blessing that the explosion wasn’t fatal, and compared to the kinds of explosions Syrians and Afghanis are facing, some might find this trivial in the grand scheme of things. But for now, an entire village is tense. Let us hope for the speedy recovery of all those involved, including the wedding hall owner who is reported to have been the closest to the explosion.

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  1. Abd Abdelkarim

    we pray for the town and injured brothers a speedy recovery and to take serious steps in Turmusaya and every town in Palestine to prevent such sad events from happening again… thank you sami

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