When the history books are rewritten, let us not fall under the distracted few

Movements against oppression are one. Although unique in their own respects, the mere resilience of the Syrian and Palestinian people challenges the establishments and institutions that, in both cases, seek to deny them a free tomorrow, a “goodnight” and a “good morning”. They are by no means identical movements; the historical contexts diverge in so many respects. But who is to judge their relatedness when lives—equal and identical—are pushed beneath the crosshairs?

If only for a moment’s time, it is imperative that we abandon the restrictive geopolitical nature of our borders and extend them in solidarity to those who fight the same fights we fight. Abstraction, which this might very well be, is more forgiving than distraction. And when the history books are rewritten, let us not fall under the distracted few who refused to join hands, abstractedly or otherwise, with those waging war against injustice in Syria, Palestine, all around and in between.

Sami Kishawi


There are 2 comments

  1. Confused

    If movements against oppression are “one”, why single out Syria/Palestine? Why post a photo showing a blend of the ‘revolutionary’ Syrian flag and the Palestinian flag? A bit confusing.

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