Laugh: Two years of blogging and one day in the kitchen

Two years ago, I wrote my first blog post and earned myself roughly 10 total unique page hits in little over a week. Believe it or not, it was a proud time for me.

To commemorate two years of blogging at Sixteen Minutes to Palestine, I want to share with you another proud moment: the day I went out on a limb and cooked a staple Palestinian meal. Kufta—or spiced minced or ground beef—is an extremely simple dish to make. I’m definitely not an experienced chef but I did try my best.

As turbulent as these last two years have been worldwide, I’ve enjoyed blogging and writing about Palestine. But what motivates me the most truly is the support my readers have given me. This may be a small-time blog, but together we’re doing big-time things. Much of what I’ve written is either depressing or infuriating. So is the plight of the Palestinian people. But you’ve all stuck it through. To show you my appreciation, I’m hoping to give you a bit of a laugh. Please enjoy these photographs of my first (and only) attempt at cooking a Palestinian something.

This stick of frozen kufta thawed on the pan.

After it fully cooked, I placed the ground beef on a plate. I reveled at having made my first official homemade meal.

“Oh, you can cook now? Here, see how well you do with this,” said mama.

Thank you all for an amazing two years. I’ve developed as both a writer and a person and I’m looking forward to seeing this blog expand and play a role in shifting the tide against injustice everywhere. Your support and encouragement is sincerely appreciated and if it were at all feasible, I would at least make you dinner. But for now, let us just keep moving towards a free Palestine.

Sami Kishawi


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