Israel’s Ministry of Tourism endorses de facto annexation of West Bank

One of the main reasons why the “peace process” never panned out the way it was supposed to, according to Israel at least, is because many Palestinians simply do not recognize the State of Israel. Albeit Israel has yet to define its ever-shifting borders, one must question how Israel can demand recognition without even recognizing the existence of Palestinians.

In a map published and presented by Israel’s Ministry of Tourism, the West Bank ceases to exist. Instead, it shows highway routes weaving through a borderless Judea and Samaria — highway routes that Palestinians are typically prevented from using. The only territory marked as Palestinian is the Gaza Strip which looks to be less than 1% of the total mapped territory.

Here is a government website that endorses the de facto annexation of Palestinian land. The next time Israel complains about recognition, ask why it doesn’t even bother recognizing Palestine.

Hat tip to A. Milbes

Sami Kishawi


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  1. samir toufic tamimi

    my dear i would like to give my opinion in all what is liberal and democratic though i think you deny being so.
    the reason why i say this is for i sent before my opinion which you did not published fearing that it my hurt the feeling of some religous people who take religon as an excuse to refuse what ever is the truth.
    You in hereby complain about the existence of palesteine as a state and only the jews consider gaza stript as the state of palesteine and why is this because all you arabs and muslems give no notice to palesteine and thE palesteniens you just are hipocrets and do not try to face the evedence that what so ever taken by force must be return back by force little by little there will be nothing to claim no land as they say no money no honey and the same you claim by peace but our enemy careles about peace and any defence is terrorism how can we tolerate our children being homeless no education no place to playnand be usefull for a future .
    People arabs or westerns try to understand to avoide terrorism you have to avoide reasons and causes that are excuse for such terror in our world the best and the unique way to avoide such blemish is but justece otherwise i would be too late we will regret what so ever being blind deaf and clainm what is right and refuse what is wrong .
    western people take care do not let the zionist play on you who cause all the terror of the world is but those radical muslems finiced by the c.i.a-
    . and the world zionists and it will not be danger for the palestenien only you european will suffer from the gready state of israel.
    at the end if you publish this i am happy if not you are but false protector oF palestein .

    1. Sami Kishawi

      Samir, your first comment was approved and can be found here:

      Your second comment was removed because it included offensive language and racial epithets. Sixteen Minutes to Palestine reserves the right to remove offensive, derogatory, or intolerant comments.

      Regarding your claim that “arabs and muslems [sic] give no notice to palesteine [sic] and thE [sic] palesteniens [sic] you just are hipocrets [sic]”, I think that’s one of the most unsubstantiated claims one can make. Arab or not, Muslim or not, millions of people around the world support Palestine and condemn Israel’s oppression and occupation. As you yourself point out, Israel chooses to use indiscriminate violence. Why, then, should Palestinians stoop to the level of the occupying foreign entity? Palestinians (and all else who are oppressed) have a legitimate right to resist the abuse of their human rights. However, to say that nonviolent resistance is hypocritical and ineffective is a foolish claim to make. Check out Bassem Tamimi who, incidentally, shares the same last name as you.

      Also, believe me when I say that we activists for Palestine are not being “play[ed]” by any force of injustice.

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