Ten ways Israel loves Palestine

As reported by Mondoweiss and others, two Israeli artists have begun an “Israel loves Iran” social media campaign to show that not every Israeli supports his or her government’s hostile attempts at instigating war with Iran. But while we’re on the topic of love, let’s share some ways Israel loves Palestine. I wonder when the Israelis against war with Iran will become Israelis against the occupation of Palestine.

For more coverage and context, read ‘Israel loves Iran’ message of peace is great, but message of hypocrisy is not.


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  1. Brian Mayer

    This is cute, but it’s disingenuous. There are plenty of Israelis who support the Palestinian cause and would actually “love Palestine” in the spirit of the Israel Loves Iran campaign.

    1. Barry

      Yes in the exact same pretentious orientalist posing as so called “leftist” manipulative image that serves as a tool for legitimizing Israel. Also carries with it the meaningless “can’t we all just get along ” vibe that the agreesor/oppressor always tries to clean up their image with.

  2. Tamara

    This is so cynical. And completely missing the point. The “Israel loves Iran” campaign is a private initiative. A way a normal person who isn’t ruling the country can speak out and state his or her opinion… Just as btw, there are plenty of private foundations and events bridging between Palestinians and Israelis…
    But why would u care?! Your only purpose is to widen the gap even more, to demonize an entire people and to manifest that whoever designed these posters will not be confused by reality. However hopeful it may be.

    1. Sami Kishawi

      Tamara, when will those Israelis, as private as they may be, who love Iran become Israelis who reject the occupation of Palestine, the siege of Gaza, the apartheid wall encircling the West Bank, the illegal settlements, etc.

  3. Steven Thomas

    My opinion? Gladly. It’s manipulative and it’s disingenuous. But go ahead keep playing the devil’s advocate. Your choice and your loss!

  4. Liezel Wissing

    I’m not Jewish. I have no connection to Israel or the Jewish people. Due to media coverage I’ve always wondered how Israel could be so cruel. That changed. I have been living in the south of Israel for work purposes for the past three months. The same south of Israel that Gaza bombs basically without seizing. Since 9 March, 176 rockets. I’m a witness. I hear them, I see them, I run from them. You fire rockets at them on their religious holidays! You make it sound like Israel wake up in the morning and say: “What will we do today? I know! Let’s bomb Gaza!” In truth, the only thing they do is retaliate on the rockets you fire at them. What are they supposed to do? Sit back and watch them fall? Your posters are extremely well done and the world will take pity on you and hate Israel. But only because it is biased beyond belief. Moreover, no matter what you say or what you do, it will never be the truth. That I know because I have lived it. I pray for peace in Israel and in Gaza. Biased propaganda does nothing to achieve that though. I could comment on each of your posters individually to show how preposterous and one-sided their claims are, but really, what would be the use?

    1. Sami Kishawi

      I lived it too. Gaza in 2000; Gaza in 2004; Gaza in 2011. Occupation is not “retaliation”.

      Since you want to bring up numbers, I dare — yes, dare — you to watch this:

      . In case you refuse to watch the video, here are some facts (taken from the video):

      According to the Israeli government, there have been 8,000 rockets fired into Israel since 2001. Based on data found publicly around the internet, this amounts to roughly 12 tons, but we’ll go ahead and round up to 13 tons of fertilizer-based explosives. Again, these 12 to 13 tons of explosives were launched towards Israel since 2001, over an eleven year period. Since you want to introduce numbers, you must not forget the numbers from the other side. According to Human Rights Watch, Israel fired 14,617 heavy artillery shells between an 18 month period, from September 2005 to May 2007. 14,617 is far greater than 8,000.

      Furthermore, according to the Israeli government, Israel dropped at least 100 tons of high explosives into the Gaza Strip on the very first day of Operation Cast Lead on December 27, 2008. 100 tons is far greater than 12 or 13 tons of explosives from Gaza. Keep in mind, these 100 tons were dropped all in one day, not over an eleven year period.

      That said, if you want to play the numbers game, the least you can do is avoid being as “one-sided” as you complain others are.

      I’m sure the posters weren’t made to appease you or anyone else who attempts to justify Israel’s illegal occupation and annexation of Palestinian land as “retaliation”.

  5. Neri Bar-On

    Yes there are many Israelis who care and think we should build a Palestinian state, but for the people who created these cinic visual these ones are also enemy and this is bad.

    But these people who created this pro-violence images are missing the point, when the Palestinians will start build, the Israelis will be the 1st to support them, Arab Israelis, Jewish Israelis and even the American Jews.

    and last word : we love you. we care and see you as our brothers, we are all in it together.

  6. Liezel Wissing

    Dear Sami – I’d be happy to watch the video – lets have the link. I’ve probably seen it. As I said, I used to think about Israel exactly the way that propaganda tries to portray her. I’ve seen the clips, read the articles, the websites, the books, you name it. Seeing things firsthand opened my eyes to reality – or rather the fact that there was another side to the story. I’d like to ask your opinion on a few things – that is said without prejudice or sarcasm – I would honestly like your opinion cause to me, some things make no sense. What boggles my mind completely is this: Gaza bombs Israel. Israel bombs back. Gaza blames Israel for bombing. But what about the first step? By launching rockets at Israel, doesn’t Gaza go from bystander to a participant. Doesn’t it take away the right to scream foul. Doesn’t that call for some responsibility. Because what you end up with is a back and forthing that is not helping anybody. Lets go back to the numbers: if someone slaps me and I slap back, how much force is appropriate?

    Wait, let me rather ask you this: when Gaza launches those rockets, do you honestly expect Israel to do nothing? Really? Would you?

    Now here is another thing that I’ve been wondering about. The way I see it is this: in 1948 the Palestinians got half of the land. The next day there was war. In 2005 Israel took every last Jew from Gaza. The rockets started falling not long after that. A lot of Israelis I’ve spoken to is in favour of a two-state solution, but because of the track record, they are a tad apprehensive. From where I’m standing, I’d be too.

    So yeah, would love to hear your thoughts on this.

    1. Sami Kishawi

      My apologies for forgetting to include the link in the first comment. I’ve updated it, but I’ve also included it here:


      My thoughts:

      If you’re under the subjective impression that Palestinians are at fault because Gaza bombs Israel first, you’re clearly not going to open your mind to any factual evidence. First, you disregarded the proven statistics that I provided and attempted to pitch the situation as: ‘Gaza strikes, Israel defends’. There is no telling who does what first. As they say, what came first — the chicken or the egg? Israel’s attacks are responses to Gaza’s attacks which are responses to Israel’s attacks which are responses to Gaza’s attacks which are responses to Israel’s attacks, etc. But under your impression, the right to self-defense can only be afforded to Israel. This is particularly astounding because, in case you or anyone else forgot, Palestine is under illegal military occupation by Israel, not vice versa. And if you want to debate the term “illegal”, you’re free to read and investigate the Fourth Geneva Convention, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, the Hague Regulations of 1907, and countless other international law documents to which Israel as a signatory or participating member is obligated to abide by. Israel may scream foul all day and all night, but at the end of the day, it’s the one violating international and human rights law. You’ve given Israel the double standard: the right to occupy and the right to play the victim. So, rephrase your own question: When Israel launches over a hundred tons of explosives towards an already besieged and occupied people, do you honestly expect Palestinians to be content?

      Second, regarding your 1948 question. The Nakba, in which 750,000 Palestinians were forcefully evicted from their homes and made into refugees, began in 1947. Read the histories of Irgun and the Stern Gang, the rogue paramilitary groups that eventually became the spine of the Israeli military. The evidence is all documented, of course. The conflict did not begin upon the establishment of the state of Israel. It began when Zionists and armed fundamentalists embarked on a campaign to ethnically cleanse the Palestinian people. Israeli author Ilan Pappe discusses this in detail in “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine”. And in 2005, when Israel disengaged, you are wrong to think that the occupation ended. The occupation simply moved to the borders. Palestinians do not control any aspect of their borders — even the sea border is controlled by the Israeli Navy and Gaza’s border with Egypt is manned by Egyptian authorities working in an agreement with the Israeli government. The siege has left the economy crippled. Plus, Israel maintained (and still maintains) complete control of the air space, meaning that before and after the 2005 disengagement, Israeli jets and helicopters engaged in aerial attacks on various civilian targets in the Gaza Strip.

      Lastly, you should be ashamed of yourself for attributing the stall in a peaceful solution to the Palestinians. Over the course of the last two decades, Palestinians have offered countless solutions, each of which was rejected by Israel. Israel, on the other hand, has yet to offer a single solution. In fact, it hasn’t even agreed on the route of its borders. Regarding the last round of peace talks, Palestinians demanded that Israel stop settlement building — something that is illegal under the Fourth Geneva Convention (it is illegal to transfer the population of an occupying power into the occupied territory, which is one reason why the settlements in Gaza had to go). But Israel rejected and, instead, flouted international law and authorized the construction of thousands of more homes. Here are some details from B’Tselem, an Israeli human rights group:

      So that this comment thread doesn’t drag on, I invite you to email me any more questions to smpalestine at gmail dot com.

      1. Z Haddad

        Yeah, I didn’t expect to see a response from Liezel Wissings after that…

        Nice work, Sami. Very well said.

  7. Plug

    The speech and spirit of these posters is nothing but cynical … what does that mean in the face of people just saying “we love you” … ??!

  8. Hamza

    you aren’t helping? No wonder most Israelis are on the right wing because of idiots like you ruining the efforts of Palestinians within Israel working towards equal rights or Palestinians wanting to make peace. I don’t know where is the sense of deligitimizing the state of Israel there is no point, economically or politically. Plus ppl invade and conquer all the time too bad, the Turks conquered the Byzatines does that mean the Greeks should go and deligitmize Turkey and claim Istanbul? I’m from Australia and before the British came there was over 300 indigenous nations within Australia but obviously that number had drooped. Also there was aeries of oppressive policies that lasted for almost 80 years in which many were displaced from traditional lands and many lost their lives. This is the same in North America and other places with indigenous but tht does mean we should deligitmize these countries. The Palestinian cause is so overrated and has gotten really annoying and till that everyone has been ignoring other issues. Btw I’m Arab as well and yeh

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