More weapons, fewer Palestinians, a delayed invasion of Iran, and a saved Presidency

In light of today’s attack on the Gaza Strip, know that the “United States offered Israel advanced weaponry in return for it committing not to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities“, according to a report from Israel’s Maariv newspaper. Essentially, to keep Israel from invading Iran, the U.S. plans to buffer Israel’s military might. Palestinians, like they did today, will face the consequences.

Earlier today, Israel launched an unprovoked, “pre-emptive” strike in Gaza that killed at least one Palestinian man. In response, militants in Gaza launched rockets towards Israel as the Israeli military embarked on at least two more shelling campaigns in Gaza’s skies. According to Reuters, eight have so far been killed, all of them Palestinian.

To anyone seeking justification in Israel’s attacks, none will be found. As even Haaretz acknowledges (see the eighth word of the second paragraph in its report), the rockets came after Israel launched an attack.

So what would provoke Israel to spontaneously strike a target under the guise of foiling a nonexistent threat? The answer, to the U.S. at least, doesn’t matter too much. It’s given Israel an opportunity for an even stronger weapons cache as well as another green light to strike as it so pleases. But in all fairness, there is one restriction: if the target is Palestinian, bomb away, but if the target is related to Iran in any way, hold your horses until after November 2012. Obama will be reelected and only then will the U.S. begin finalizing the details for its third war in less than twelve years.

Meanwhile, Israel will bide its time by testing its might over Gaza tonight. At least eleven dead so far.

Sami Kishawi


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  1. Sam Holloway

    One tiny quibble on the details, Sami: I believe you mean November 2012, yes? Anyway, it isn’t as though Obama will have to bother with pusillanimous excuses this time. Remember that pre-inauguration statement about there being ‘only one president at a time’ while lame duck Dubya was ignoring the Gaza slaughter? If Obama had truly been interested in saving Palestinian lives, he needed only issue a thinly veiled warning about the dire diplomatic and financial consequences that awaited his first day in office. No need to bother with that this time. Bibi’s ass has already been publicly kissed.

    1. Sami Kishawi

      Thanks for the catch! 2012 is correct, not 2013!

      And you’re absolutely right. Did you know, he mentioned Palestine 22 times in his Cairo speech in January 2009. Since then, I think he’s only mentioned the Palestinians one or two more times. Bibi is happier than people think.

  2. Jacob

    The strike was a targeted killing of a Palestinian terrorist. Targeted killings of terrorists are legal under international law. I know that you think individuals who plan terrorist attacks against Israelis are “nonexistent threats,” but those who aren’t proponents of Hamas and similar “resistance groups” (i.e., most of the world) would beg to differ.

    1. Sami Kishawi

      I am not a “proponent” of Hamas but I am a proponent of resistance to occupation which, since you’re an expert on international law, is outlined in the Fourth Geneva Convention among other international treatises. Also, remind yourself of what happened in August when the Israeli military launched an attack against members of the PRC in retaliation for something that, as the military discovered later, these targeted individuals had nothing to do with. Israel’s military intelligence is shady at best. In this case, Israel launched an attack against individuals who were “planning”. Planning what? Even the Israeli government hasn’t been able to confirm anything. “Planning” is about as vague as it gets.

      1. Sami Kishawi

        Of course bombing schools is wrong. Only Israel can find the “right” in it, like it did in early January 2009: Gaza’s day of carnage – 40 dead as Israelis bomb two UN schools.

        While you’re at it, here is something else you should look at, an analysis of just how wrong you are: “Mowing the lawn”: On Israel’s latest massacre in Gaza and the lies behind it. And so you don’t hit me with the “Oh, next time, try not to link me to an anti-Israel site”, in this link, you will find a load of links to and quotes from Haaretz, Salon, and Jerusalem Post.

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