A block print for Hana Shalabi

Guest contribution by Maureen Murphy

I made this print to honor the call being made by Palestinian human rights groups to stand in solidarity with hunger striking Palestinian political prisoner Hana Shalabi on International Women’s Day. Hana, who is being held by Israel without charge or trial under administrative detention, has been on hunger strike for nearly a month and says she will not end her strike until she is released.

There are seven Palestinian women currently in Israeli detention. Read more about them and the calls for solidarity with women prisoners here: http://electronicintifada.net/blogs/maureen-clare-murphy/international-womens-day-stand-palestinian-women-prisoners

Israel has arrested and detained Palestinians throughout its history in an attempt to break their will and repress their liberation movement. I can think of no better way to mark International Women’s Day than showing solidarity with Palestinian women who have sacrificed the little freedom they have under occupation. We can show solidarity by taking action to put pressure on Israel to release women prisoners, and educating others about their situation, and above all else, working to end US aid to Israel.

Maureen Murphy

Maureen Murphy is the managing editor of Electronic Intifada and an organizer with the Palestine Solidarity Group–Chicago.


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