In defense of FouseyTube

FouseyTube is all the rage these days. But lately, this 22-year-old college student from California seems to be attracting as much negative attention as Newt Gingrich. The only difference is, I don’t think it’s fair or even justified. You don’t have to be a fan, but stooping so low is going to break your back before it breaks his.

Yousef Erakat, operating under the stage name FouseyTube, is a Palestinian-American entertainer who devotes much of his downtime to producing parodies, “vlogs”, and comedy sketches to upload to YouTube. After joining YouTube just ten months ago, Erakat’s videos have gone viral and collectively boast over 15 million views. He has since become a YouTube partner and is now on tour performing sets at community centers and schools throughout the United States. But his quick rise to fame has been met with a great deal of heat and the ad hominem attacks on his character are getting far too out of hand to let slide any longer.

Every entertainer realizes at one point or another that the content of his or her work is entirely subjective. Some will laugh, others won’t. Some will find pleasure in a comedy routine and others will want to put their foreheads on the table. Erakat, a comedian himself, knows this all to well. I am sure he doesn’t set his sights on the impossible feat of evoking laughter from every single person in the world at any given time.

Still, much of the criticism leveled against Erakat is that he simply isn’t as funny as people make him out to be. I’ve come across comments ranging from “he’s bland now” to “even his loved ones never thought he was funny” to “no self-respecting person would dare watch his videos”. Therein lies the problem. The first comment is perfectly acceptable. It’s an opinion. Not everyone is obliged to think he’s funny. The second comment is a rude judgment. Since when did the Erakat family befriend internet trolls and share with them family secrets (assuming this particular one to be true)? And the third comment reeks of arrogance. Is society expected to conform to one individual’s perception of something as subjective as a one-man comedy skit? I’ve watched a few of Erakat’s videos. Does this mean I disrespect myself? If I spinelessly conform to that particular audacious comment, would I be respecting myself again?

But the baseless commentary goes even further. Having never met this young adult who was virtually unknown to the world one year ago, people from all over have become experts on assessing Erakat’s character and judging his intentions. Many seem to share the concern that he is overwhelmingly egoistical, that his egocentrism is a domineering aspect of his work. Again, this is subjective so I’m in no position to dismiss the opinion. But I think it’s important to keep this in perspective: egoism isn’t synonymous to self-promotionalism. Self-promotion is a necessary skill in the entertainment industry. You can be as humble as you’d like but unless you attract attention to your work, you’ll be hardpressed to garner a following as strong and as large as Erakat’s. He is not complimenting himself when he wears a FouseyTube t-shirt and no matter how many times he links to his Twitter page, no empirical evidence exists to suggest that he thinks the world revolves around him and him alone.

At the end of the day, Lil Wayne repeats his name an average of four times before his songs even begin. Why doesn’t that cause as much of an uproar from Erakat’s critics?

After attacking, without merit, of course, his personality, many of his critics find fault with his intentions. Some allege that Erakat’s sole purpose for making videos is to build a fanbase of single women so that when he’s ready to marry, he’ll have thousands to choose from. Others claim that Erakat is part of a worldwide conspiracy to redefine and subsequently undermine the Arab culture in its entirety. And then there are those who are convinced that behind the façade is a greedy man who will do anything for money, even if it means selling out on his family and, in particularly, his Palestinian roots. These are all very grave, judgmental, and insulting allegations, but it is the last one that I want to focus on.

There has been much discussion over Erakat’s silence on Palestine. According to one critic, Erakat “has the [Palestinian] flag plastered all over his Tumblr”. Another notes the Palestinian flag hanging in his bedroom. A third individual reminds me that his comedy routines are based primarily on his identity as an Arab from Palestine. No matter which way you look at it, Erakat is conscious of his Palestinian identity. But with such a large following, why stay quiet on the issue?

That is a difficult question to answer, mostly because it’s the wrong question to ask. I doubt that Erakat is going out of his way to avoid talking about the occupation of Palestine but I do expect it to be difficult to mourn the losses of Palestinian lives in a comedy sketch. Not everyone is a political pundit and, even though it pains me to admit this, it isn’t fair to require everyone to adjust their professional endeavors to relate to the Palestinian cause. Nevertheless, it is absurd to suggest that Erakat has abandoned the struggle. He hangs a Palestinian flag in his room which millions have seen and commented on. Millions more have read his thoughts on a free Palestine on his blog. Imagine the number of people who investigated the history of Palestine after watching a FouseyTube video.

After all, who are we to dictate how someone else raises awareness? He isn’t hurting the cause at all. If anything, Erakat’s popularity is an asset that has the potential to effect great change. There is absolutely nothing to gain by undermining him, his credibility, or his fanbase.

Whether we like it or not, poking fun at the Arab and Muslim culture has helped Erakat rake in thousands upon thousands of fans. It’s also brought him a substantial amount of opposition. This is natural and goes to show just how diverse and valuable our opinions are. But much of the criticism has turned into unwarranted and cult-like abuse of a 22-year-old man who takes pleasure in harmlessly entertaining the masses. You don’t have to be a fan, but you do have to be respectful.

For those who argue that he is too self-absorbed and too dense to recognize the world as it exists just beyond his fingertips, a dear friend of mine linked me to the following video in which he says:

“I don’t want people to forget about the babies that are dying in Somalia. I don’t want people to forget about the houses and the families that are getting bombed in Falasteen. I don’t want people to forget about the torture that’s going on in Syria and Lebanon. Wherever you are looking at, there are people who have it so much worse than us…”


Sami Kishawi


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    1. rukaya

      Your a dumb ass he is a person making him feel like shit ain’t doing you any better and your the so shut the he’ll up and yes im probably a girl and a 10 year old that now’s how to spell better then you

    1. Ali

      Neutral? Barely lol. His whole article was was one-sided and that was to Fouseytube’s defense. I don’t really care though, I have a hang over from St.patties celebrations and I don’t know why I’m here. c ya.

  1. Sam

    Great article!
    I’d just like to mention that you said “rack” when you meant “rake.”
    “Whether we like it or not, poking fun at the Arab and Muslim culture has helped Erakat rack in thousands upon thousands of fans.”

  2. Sarah Daoudi

    This article was truly amazing; defending an individual that only wants to entertain audiences and raise awareness that Arabs aren’t horrible groups of people. I have true respect for Sami for writing this and for Fouseytube for not stopping his production of videos. Amazing.

    1. Lola Martinez

      it is like that man from diary of a bad man, he quit after someone accused him of making fun and being a disgrace to the religion of Islam. But FouseyTube is nothing like that guy, CLEARLY!!!

  3. Michy

    I agree fully, He does not deserve this. These internet trolls are just jealous of anyone gaining some sort of recognition for their efforts or hard work. Yousef is an amazing comedian and even better person. ❤ you Fouseytube 🙂

  4. mnm

    I dont get why people have to bring up his background and wonder why he hasn’t mentioned it. Does everyone ask why Adam Sandler doesn’t talk about whats going on in Israel/Palestine? or any other jewish person? why do they have to question it. I’m sure he’s aware of everything thats happening but theres a right time and place to bring up such issues and its not every second of someone’s life. He’s just another american with a dream..who happens to be arab..let him be..And if people don’t like his videos its probably because they can’t relate to them and don’t get them but not everyone likes Rap, or Classical Music, and horror movies – but they still go around..and so can he..people just don’t like to see others do well in life

  5. gina

    Everyone pokes fun at their own culture; besides watching the videos for fun, hopefully people can learn from them as well. Great article!

  6. mnm

    OH one last thing..the only thing that attracts me to his videos (other than the fact that he looks identical to my fiance) is how he gets around to doing must be so hard to incorporate a bunch of characters in one set who’s played by one person. Thats talent. 🙂

  7. Dina

    Amazing article, and he really deserves it, i once read on one of his youtube videos’s comments that he should run for president, i think he would be a GREAT one!

  8. Mohammed Aljazeera

    I liked all of Fouseys videos except one. The one that indirectly calls for acceptance of Israel. No justice, No peace

  9. Roqayah

    With celebrity, feigned or otherwise, comes a cascade of criticism; some will attack the individual’s craft, their methods, their attire and some will even strike a low blow and go after their character – it is endless. But, this all comes with the platform – it all comes with personage. To simply discount critique on the basis that those taking issue with Erakat’s comedy style, egoism et al. are “jealous” as @Michy contends or even, as you point at, that it’s “cult-like abuse” per se, is fallacious. If anything, there has been more evidence that proves he has a “cult-like” fan base who refuse to admonish him in any way, or even provide him with well-intentioned critique.

    Though it is certainly ill-advised to dictate as to how one raises awareness it should be just as unbecoming to advise others or chide them as to who they should like, support etc. Though many are vehemently against Erakat they are undoubtedly outnumbered as to those who support him, some so much that they defend him with feverish precision.
    I take issue with Erakat for reasons that go beyond his comedy style and I am sure I could write a piece as long, or even longer, than the one you have penned explaining why.
    I appreciate the fact that you have presented the case against being judgmental but in the end – to each his own.

    One of the reasons I’ve noticed many Arabs present as to why they defend his comedy style is that it shows Arabs to be human; this need to humanize one another publicly, so that it may be affirmed that we are much like other people is questionable and calls for a piece dissecting such a premise – so I’ll spare you a long winded response.

    Those defending Erakat should be able to accept that a plethora of individuals do not appreciate his comedic style and those passionately against FouseyTube should be open to hearing why many show solidarity with him. All in all, we may certainly have to agree to disagree – and, again, to each their own.

    1. Sami Kishawi

      Roqaya —

      I certainly agree that the criticism (which I’m sure you’d agree has, at least in some circles, overstepped the boundaries) comes with the spotlight but does that justify the low blows?

      I don’t think it’s a matter of jealousy (because if I did, I’d be making reprehensible judgments as well) but I do believe that a certain segment of his greatest critics have made it a sport to bash his work without being able to provide a single shred of logical reasoning. This is the cult-like abuse I refer to. Criticism is necessary and shouldn’t be discounted, but ad hominem attacks against his character serve no greater purpose.

      Regarding the humanization of Arabs, I’ve seen this concern raised a number of times but wasn’t able to incorporate it into the article. Nevertheless, I too believe it is a questionable tactic and would be interested in reading your dissection or response! It’s a valuable discussion to have, no doubt.

  10. Jamila

    We can all learn a lot from yousef. He is very inspiring and touches the hearts of many with his words.. He makes us laugh and at the same time remeber who we are. Hobestly before i saw any of his videos i ds not like him. It was wrong if me to not even give him a chance vefore i judged him. I thwn dexided to open my mind more to others and to actually give people a chance before assuming who they are. I watched my first fouseytube video and bam! I was hooked.. I was wrong the whole time.. Lol i actually got to meet him and he was just as humble as he makes out to be. He is good hearted ad youcan twll that he means well with what he does. Dont judge a person before u meet them an get to know tem.. I did and i was wrong. You can lean so much from yousef and his videos. He is an inspiration to all muslim teens and many others. Keep on making us laugh yousef!!! 🙂

  11. Falastiniya

    This article was clearly biased, and it did not represent both sides of the argument well. I could say a lot about this issue and address each point, but I think I will make a blog for that.

    What I will point out is where you said:
    -“even his loved ones never thought he was funny” The second comment is a rude judgment. Since when did the Erakat family befriend internet trolls and share with them family secrets (assuming this particular one to be true)? –

    Yousef has uploaded a video in the past in which he introduced his family. During the introduction of his brother, he states that his brother does not think he is funny. Not to mention how Yousef kept joking with the camera and his mother was getting highly annoyed with him and he just giggled on.
    I don’t personally think this is a big issue, but it is definitely a refutation of your statement. Whoever made that statement obviously did not pull it out of thin air. It was an observation. I am sure that there are times his family finds him funny and times they do not.

    The rest will be addressed later in a more appropriate setting.
    Thanks for your time.

    1. Sami Kishawi

      Thanks for your comment.

      However, I think you missed the point. A brief video clip of his mother not laughing with him or an introduction of his brother as someone who doesn’t laugh at his jokes (which Erakat presents in a sarcastic-like and parodical tone, the way his videos tend to be) does not in any way refute my point. It is dangerous to assume that because his mother was seemingly annoyed with him at the moment, she never (key word: never) thought he was funny. As for the brother, again, sarcasm and exaggeration is a common element in his work (and in comedy in general). To conclude what his entire family thinks about him is both foolish and judgmental.

      I also fail to see what “both sides of the argument” means. Is it suddenly acceptable to judge or attack individuals in an ad hominem fashion? If you re-examine the first and second-to-last paragraphs, you’ll note that I recognize the importance and legitimacy of criticism. Frankly, I myself find much to criticize (see Roqaya’s comment). The point, however, is not to quell criticism; it’s to quell meritless assaults. By all means, I think that’s a simple enough point to make.

      1. Ali

        I think that you are taking this way to personally, any professional writer should be able to handle criticism and not get so defensive. Your first paragraph clearly sets the direction where this article is going. Whoever you are, you jumped Youssefs wagon and seem to be throwing bricks at those standing by.

  12. Claudia

    I think that fouseytube’s videos show the humanization of Arabs, but I also think that many of his videos echo across cultures. For example, taking his videos on “Sh*t middle eastern guys/girls say”, I can say that although the skit was centred around Arabic culture and Islam, it also applies to other.cultures and religions too. In my personal case, I have been that Catholic who went to church and Sunday school because I was made to. I have been that Catholic who only followed some of my religious customs like abstaining from swearing only when my elders were around or when Christmas or Easter came around, while at school I was freely cussing like I didn’t know any proper English words. I am also an Indian, and I remember blatantly wearing salwars only during Indian celebrations or when my grandparents came to visit. I remember times when I refused to acknowledge my Indian ancestry saying that since I wasn’t born in India I couldn’t be considered Indian, and preferring to label myself according to nationality.

    I think his videos are not always funny but they are definitely thought-provoking and even inspiring at times. Like it has been mentioned before, I’m sure many people have googled Palestinian history, Arab culture or even their own culture and religion after watching some of his videos.

    I think what most people are doing is viewing all his videos as entertainment. I think that shouldn’t be the case; some of his videos are for entertainment as the title can suggest, but some of them also provoke individual thoughts on your own identity using culture and religion.

    Think about it. Criticism is always fine if you want to improve or if someone thinks you can improve in such a way, but as said before it should be directed at the individual’s specifics and not just bringing in his family or nationality into every comment. One should also consider the deeper meaning some of his videos have, as there is definitely a distinction between all of his videos; it is just for you as the viewer to find what it is, comprehend and make your own individual thoughts on it.

  13. Yasmean Khaled

    Not even going to bother reading this post because FouseyTube is a load of garbage. He should probably start opening up a book and see where that will take him in life. Yousef, anyone that follows you has no life and apparently is just as dumb as you are. Please take a good look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself that only GIRLS fix their eyebrows the way you do. Someone should make a youtube video on how to be a man…and you should just keep clicking replay until you learn how to be one. Your videos are not in the least bit beneficial and have nothing to do about Palestine or anything meaningful. Your biggest fans are 13 year old girls that have no clue. Two years from now, those girls are going to look back and ask themselves why they wasted so much time watching your garbage.

    Sami, this post just belittled your site. Your site had the reputation of being very beneficial and educational. FouseyTube in no way displays any of those characteristics. By supporting it and even writing a blog about it you have lowered your credentials.

    1. Sami Kishawi

      Thank you for informing me that I have spilled my credentials all over the floor for writing about why it is unfair and unreasonable to unjustifiably slander Erakat and his family. I suggest you read paragraphs 1 to 13 to get a better sense of why one shouldn’t rush to conclusions or judgments. Also, neither I nor the site endorse FouseyTube. However, I do endorse common courtesy and mutual respect.

      Your feedback is greatly appreciated nevertheless!

  14. Jamila

    Yasmeen i think ur comment was a bit rude and u should keep ur opinions to urself. I am not going to belittle u or say anythin rude to u because that wouldnt be very nice of me. I know yousef wouldnt appreciAte me being rude to you. I just hope that you realize what your saying about a wonderful person. He is a good guy and means well. Thirteen year old girls are not his onlyfans. He is a good hearted palestinian who has good intentions. That may be my opinion but from what i know is that we shouldnt judge him or anyone before meeting them and knowing for ourselves about them. Hopefully you will learn from ur mistakes in life and apologize and fix them. We can all be ignorant and assume at times but it is wen we
    MAn up and confess to our mistakes that make us a better person. I hope i have reached out to u in a way that will make ur heart flip to a positive clean side.. I hope i wasn bitter or mean to u. I dont want to feel as if im attackin u. I just want you to realize that u shouldnt judgeothers before u judge urself

  15. Aasimah

    yousef is a great talent and well thats all there is to that and we r lucky to have him making people laugh. as the saying goes laughter is the best medicine.

  16. ramzeynassar

    I do think you have the platform nor the knowledge to compare Fousey Tube to Lil Wayne. What some do not get is he has had a dream, inspired by J Cole. It is a different kind of grind this breeds, we started HabibTees about a year ago inspired by J cole who drives people to succeed. I respect your thoughts and opinions but you are delving far to into this. The culture and its influenced religious factors are the only things that bring people to attempt to defame Yousef and companies like HabibTees.

    I have been following you since day one and understand where your comin from at the root of it. “Dollar & a Dream”. Stay on the hustle and lets cross paths in future. Comedy breaks stereotypes, a core belief at HabibTees.

    HabibTees Founder

  17. Frank Thursby

    I just found FouseyTube and this blog today. I’m a 58 year old Christian who totally supports Palestinians and their rights. This young man is the good for Arabs here in the USA because he shows all the diluted Christian/Zionist and a large part of America that Arabs are just like you and me. It’s sad to say but Americans have been brain washed and dumbed down by the war mongers and the main stream media.
    Muslims are losing the war as far as the media is concerned here in the States. He breaks through all the lies and propaganda and shows a beautiful Arab/Muslim family. This is what Muslims desperately need right now. I would hate to see this young man scooped up by some Hollywood producer who would geld him from saying the things he ought too. The one thing that struck me the most was his character which comes from his strong family ties and standards. He said that a friend of his wrote to him and said that lately he has stopped using all the curse words he use to use when he first started FouseyTube. He told his friend that when he goes to his appearances he has very young impressionable persons coming up to meet him and he says that he can’t speak and act that way any more. It’s called character and he has it. Thank you for opening up this conversation. There are some nice folks here at this site. Frank

  18. Tank

    As a Palestinian Youtuber myself (my alias is time4tank, look me up ), I think we shouldn’t take the comments people leave too seriously. Especially on Youtube where the comments can be very harsh (and usually have very poor grammar). At the end of the day, it comes down to your supporters, and if others don’t like it, they need not subscribe :). It’s nice to see another Palestinian giving a better image of us in the media. Kudos!

  19. Kim Leny

    I liked his channel and video until I saw his TERRORIST 9/11 video specifically the line where he says [in a very proud voice] “I’m from Filistiiine” and [with negative emphasizes,] “Not Saudi Arabia” as if it leaves a bad taste in his mouth. “So why do they confuse us from being from the same area” .

    Why is he trying to single that country out ? Al Qaeda hosts members from every single Arab country and that shouldn’t even be the point. The objective of the poem was against prejudice yet he done an excellent job in what he was trying to preach against.

    That was plain rude, offensive and cost him a fan who is half Saudi Arabian.

    1. Aisha

      I don’t think he meant to do that at ALL, ! it’s just when people say you’re from somewhere and you’re not, people react like that! I don’t think he was trying to single out Saudi Arabia at all

  20. KateyM

    Yousef did a video a while back about the relationships between Israelie and Palestinian youth living together in America. His subtlety and delicate approach is probably his best asset, he is able to appeal to a mass variety of people which inherently enable him to penetrate a market he may not have been able to reach had he suddenly turned into a in your face political activist with a singular view on the subject. As you mentioned he is relatively new to YouTube, and I can only assume he is attempting to adjust to his new found stardom, perhaps we should give him some time and see where he takes this thing. Before pointing the finger at others, lets look at our own approach to the world issues that we find important. I have full confidence that with his ambition and motivation Yousef will go far and be someone the Palestinian community will be proud to have as an ambassador.

  21. Geraldo Dela Romana - Olivarez

    I’m a Roman Catholic Christian and I love how yousef erakat communicates to the viewers. I don’t see anything wrong. In my own opinion, he is funny, creative, smart, a people person, and a family guy. There will be people who will critically criticize a person’s work. They may be in favor or not. With that, they are entitled to their opinion in a respectful way.

  22. Saleh

    I’m arab and i’m muslim, and i don’t find his videos offensive at all. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but that doesn’t give you the right to slander a person’s name. And to all those internet trolls out there i just have one thing to say to you “you know his name, but you don’t know his story” asalam aleikum

  23. Huda

    I’m Muslim and I’m Palestinian. I really dont see that Yousef is doing anything wrong or hurting the Palestinian cause, I see that he’s helping Palestinians .. i mean the terrorist video he did was really nice and clever. He always start his shows with “Im Yousef saleh Erakat, Im from Palestine …”
    I really look up to this guy like no other! he’s one of my role models!
    I support him 100% ❤ GO YOUSEF!!!

  24. Amany Dahir

    I think the hate that is being thrown at him is really unfair. He worked so hard on this channel and he doesnt deserve these insults. Anyone and everyone will have doubts about themselves and their work. So insulting it will make it worse, will make him think that there is something wrong with himself rather than these critics, who have nothing better to do. I think he didnt say anything about palestine because he doesnt want to involve himself into poltics, and i dont think anyone would. He is an entertainer and is not needed to comment on the occupation unless he chooses too. Cut him some slack and leave him alone. He is trying is hardest and these people are just judging him in the most cruel way.
    Love you Yousef and keep up the amazing work. We believe in you!

  25. datguy.

    amazing how many idiots there are commenting on this…”Ali” has a hangover? before you start judging others look at yourself, and fix yourself.

  26. Leslie

    Yousef Erakat is doing everything perfectly right. He does not harass or insult any people. He is a great example and influence to everyone. He is tolerant and NOT racist. He is just trying to spread laughter, smiles, and awareness of reality. He is positive and great! People who do not know him should not judge him!

  27. Ahmad Naseer uddin

    Okay, so, if I may chime in…firstly, my real name isn’t Ahmad Naseer ud-Din. It’s a pen-name. Nonetheless, getting to the fact of the matter, in terms of simply bashing Youssef with threats or saying “you are ugly” or slandering him, etc., of course that is wrong…

    However, I don’t believe that all criticism of Erakat is “cult-like”. For example, I will share my experience from last Ramadan with Erakat. I intiailly enjoyed Erakat’s videos and would stay up after Suhoor watching some of his videos. I had even sent him a message on Facebook showing my appreciation. However, after joining a video chat type show he was having, he defriended me…of course, I also began to notice that his videos became less and less humorous and more boring. I’d say Erakat is a typical “theatrical” person. Loud, arrogant, abnoxious, but that’s not to say that he doesn’t have some perhaps good quality or that he completely lacks talent. But I do feel that Youssef has some issues he has to work on.

    That’s just my perspective.


    Ahmad Naseer uddin

  28. green

    Yousef has such a happy heart! I respect him and adore him for his courage to bring changes in this pretty messed up world. And he is ridiculously funny!

  29. Rob

    Thought it was a great article. A lot of great unbiased thought went into this. Fousey tube is a great source of entertainment, and education ranging from Arab parent skits (as comical as they are allows the rest of the world to see how Arab families usually are) , pranks ( no difference than candid camera and punk’d etc) it’s okay for an American Hollywood celebrity to perform but when a middle easterner American does it , all of a sudden there is an outrage of critics, and than there arereally great videos that have meaning in which this world is lacking. If anyone has watched his latest videos, you understand what I am referring to. As for those that just want to put their negative. 2 cents in, seriously find something else to do with your time. The fact you criticize these videos, all you are really doing is taking out your frustration on someone else for the lack in your life. GREAT ARTICLE. SAM and FOUSEYTUBE, keep them coming. Great way to raise awareness.

  30. Fadda

    Fouseytube is AWESOME and all this judgement upon him is a waste of time cuz he aint no hypocrite. He is just one arab living in America with a lot of good deeds and talents that no one he=as the right to be against him. His videos are full of inspiration and humor … and he is the only arab living in America who has never forgot about his religion.. bless him

  31. JB

    Free Falasteen!! I would just like to say Yousef if welcome to come to Bay Ridge Brooklyn anytime and prank us Arabs down here.

  32. Kurt

    I like his videos and never considered his specific ancestry other than he is Arab. The only thing negative I have to say is that sometimes his videos can get a bit preachy. Stick with the comedy Yousef, the serious stuff doesn’t suit you.

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