Chinese-speaking Netanyahu will probably not send personalized YouTube message to Palestinians


Israel’s diplomatic standing in the world has sunk so low that its government has undertaken the monumental task of salvaging its political interests through YouTube.

Earlier today, the Prime Minister’s office released a video of Benjamin Netanyahu speaking Chinese and wishing the Chinese people a blessed new year. The message is, for the most part, intensely hopeful, almost as if asking China to kindly ignore Israel’s flagrant violations of human rights, civil rights, and international law and help Israel carry on with its economic ventures.

Among Netanyahu’s closing remarks is his enthused assertion that “we [the Israelis and the Chinese] are two ancient peoples whose values and traditions have left an indelible mark on humanity”. But I’m certain any Chinese viewer will recognize that the “mark on humanity” he’s referring to is the collection of craters left throughout the Gaza Strip after Israel pounded the coastal territory for twenty-two days and nights.

Here’s my question, though. Is he planning on sending to every country but Palestine a personalized greeting? Oooooh, my feelings are so hurt.


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    1. Sami Kishawi

      The purpose of Netanyahu’s interview was not to pledge his support for Palestinian rights or to support Palestinian culture. Rather, it was to push for negotiations predicated on the violation of international law (i.e. accepting peace only if Palestinians give up territory for Israel to keep its settlement blocs).

      1. Sami Kishawi

        Thanks for the link. That video has been brought to my attention before but I want to turn your attention to the title (which accurately reflects the content of the video): “Israeli Prime Minister Wishes Muslims a Happy Ramadan”.

        Something for you to consider: not all Muslims are Palestinian and not all Palestinians are Muslim.

  1. Daniel S

    Sami, I know. I guess it’s sad you have to make that point. But now I feel like pointing out that not all Chinese people live in China and not all people in China celebrate Lunar New Years.

    1. Sami Kishawi

      Exactly. And like I said, “any Chinese viewer” — whether or not they live in China and whether or not they celebrate the Lunar New Year — will be able to see through the facade of Netanyahu’s “outreach”.

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