Cupcake Contest: Put your politics into a preheated oven

Sixteen Minutes to Palestine is hosting a contest! If you’d like to win a Palestinian flag handcrafted in Palestine or if you’d just like to show off your superior baking skills, submit a photograph of your Palestine-themed baked goods by this Thursday, December 15.

The rules are simple: bake a cupcake, cake, or other fluffy item; celebrate Palestine’s culture or history by giving it a creative design; snap a photograph; and send it to The designs will be reviewed by the judging panel and the winner will be announced on Friday.

Joining SMP for this contest are three amazing judges: Nora Barrows-Friedman, a correspondent and editor for The Electronic Intifada, Nader K., a blogger based in Gaza City, and Anwar Kishawi, my co-founder (mama).

Excitement is high and the judges can’t wait to be impressed. They’ve already provided statements.

“The children of Gaza broke a Guinness record by flying their colorful kites in the blue skies of Gaza. I envision the same level of enthusiasm from the contest’s participants submitting their colorful Palestinian cupcakes. The difference is that they’re under siege and we’re not. Truly, our imagination should be just as boundless as theirs!”

— Anwar Kishawi

“As someone who has been involved in the global Palestine solidarity movement through public advocacy, education and journalism, and as someone who believes in the redemptive power of baked goods, I am thrilled to merge these two realms together. Freedom for Palestine, and frosting for Palestine cupcakes!”

— Nora Barrows-Friedman

“This cupcake contest is a new way to show love to Palestine through something we all enjoy, cupcakes! We have seen and shown a variety of ideas but not when it comes to food. I’m looking forward to seeing how delicious and Palestine-loving these cupcakes can be. Bring it on!”

Nader K.

And if you haven’t yet read Gabriel Matthew Schivone’s piece on the significance of “baking political”, you should. The poem at the end will easily resonate with you.

So, remember, use your imagination and have fun. Celebrate Palestine and put your politics into an oven preheated to 355 °F. Enjoy your sweets and let the rest of the world enjoy your design.

Note: The contest is now closed. See the results here.


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