Lupe Fiasco pays respect to Rachel Corrie, Palestinians in latest track


Lupe Fiasco dropped a new mixtape on November 24 called Friend of the People: I Fight Evil. In the closing track, appropriately titled “The End of the World”, Fiasco once again gives Palestine a giant shoutout.

After the initial hook, the track references Fiasco’s performance at the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards with the following lyrics:

She loves her people so much
Came to my show just to throw her flag up, and
Pray to God that I saw her
Wonder if she saw my scarf, Palestine all on it

Aired live on national television, the performance featured Lupe Fiasco displaying a scarf with — in his own words — “Palestine all on it”. Palestinian flags have become a common sight at Fiasco’s concerts.

Later in the track, Fiasco says:

This one’s dedicated to the soldiers
Throwing peace signs in the face of bulldozers

These words pay respect to Rachel Corrie, an American citizen who was killed by an Israeli bulldozer deployed to demolish a Palestinian home in the Gaza Strip in 2003.

This is at least the fourth track released by Lupe Fiasco referencing Palestine and Israel’s illegal occupation of the land. He also dedicates much of the song to the Occupy Wall Street movement, a people’s movement that he sees has the capacity to effect the necessary change in this world.

Thanks to Seif for the tip
Sami Kishawi

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  1. Neda

    It was a pleasure to hear you speak at the AMP convention, I hope you continue to do what you are doing and inspire the rest of us to do what we can.

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