The perfect walkout

Gil Hoffman, an “expert Israeli speaker” according to his website, thought he would speak to a full crowd at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan earlier this week. But soon after his introduction, the audience transformed into a sea of red-tape and signs calling on Israel to be held accountable for its institutionalized silencing of Palestinians at home and abroad.

Then the crowd walked out and Gil was left with an audience of about fifteen people, including security guards.

I applaud the students, activists, and community members involved in this excellent effort. From what I’ve collected, the crowd included high school students from Fordson High, and it is this detail that stands above all others. It is both humbling and inspiring to see students at such a young age take ownership of this heavy cause. I expect big things from each and every one of them.

It is also worth noting how organized and seemingly well-rehearsed the walkout was. Coordinating over 150 individuals is no easy task.

Here are some photos of the walkout, all of which were taken by Nafeh AbuNab.

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  1. ddapriori

    I dream of Americans doing these sort of right things, not just complaining but usurping control from the hypocrites and apologists.

  2. David James Vickery

    Congratulations and Mabrook!

    May this be only the beginning of such demonstrations all over the world. This is a people’s struggle, as there is no hope of governments ever doing anything in support of justice for the people of Palestine. Jewish Lobby groups may be able to buy governments, but the people are another story entirely!

    1. Disgusted

      You slipped. You said Jewish lobby…hmm…

      No one is going to note the unfortunate implications of the belief that Jews buy governments? Protocols of the Elders, anyone?


      1. David James Vickery

        No, I did not slip. It is a fact that Jewish lobby groups have great influence over the governments of both the United States and Britain. The United States congress and senate are bought and paid for by AIPAC to the degree that AIPAC even dictates legislation.

  3. Manonthestreet

    @david james vickery: “but the people are another story entirely!”
    Really then i wonder why polls consistently show Americans support Israel over Palestinians 3:1.
    The silent majority understand the real situation. This may be nice drama but it actually undermines the Palestinians as showing they and their supporters as being unwilling to listen and not being able to engage in critical debate. Just dramatic gestures. Many like me look at them and say -“losers” – the are in college and that the best they can do!

    Bye the way – BDS is really catching on. I just read foreign investment in Israel is up 16% over last year. That’s 3 times the average increase (5%) globally.

  4. David James Vickery

    @Manonthestreet: You know the answer to that already.
    If polls show Americans support Israel over Palestine, it is directly due to the Israeli propaganda machine i.e. American mainstream media. New York Times, Washington Post…etc.
    AIPAC as well as other Jewish organizations own Congress, and you know it. They have president Obama by the balls.

    Anyone who has ever spent time in the West Bank, such as myself, sees Palestinians for who they are, a largely pastoral people whose lands are slowly being stripped away, their sons imprisoned for any attempt to fight back. I was in Nablus for more than two years, working as a volunteer at a large university. I saw your army in action and I saw what Palestinians had to endure. I know what goes on now.

    Your side may very well win, but it will be by deception which was the plan from the beginning.

  5. Sheryl Hussein Ginsberg

    I heard Mr. Hoffman speak to a Chabad group the other night (March 5th 2013) in Salt Lake City. I would have walked out if I had not been sitting in the front row and next to my husband. This man was in “la la land”. I am a proud American Jew, but I cannot stomach what he was saying, or denying. I asked him about the racism in Israel, in the IDF in particular, and his comments on the Palestinian only bus service. He gave misinformation and replied to my observations of racism by pointing out that the latest Ms. Israel is of African descent. It was a supportive crowd of right wing, anti Obama Jews and others. I was disgusted and angry. I love Israel and I love the need for a Jewish state, but it does no good to deny problems which are intrinsic to the racial divide in the country. Yes, Israel had many wonderful things to be proud of, but to deny any problems is to increase anger and dismay among those of us who want the truth.

  6. diversitymission

    There is no black and white answer to the problems in Israel. Mr. Hoffman, however, makes it difficult for American Jews, such as myself, to support him and his right wing Israel right or wrong philosophy. Yes, there is anti semitism, as evidenced by some of these comments. But those of us who want to be moderate and reasoned in our response to Israel do not like to be silenced by Mr. Hoffman’s propaganda. He spoke to a group here in Salt Lake City recently, and I was angered by his bashing of my President, and his slippery non answers to valid questions of racial inequality in Israel. Despite the wonderful inventions and more moderate politics coming out of Israel, people like Mr. Hoffman do not endear themselves to people like me. I am a Zionist who wants equality and justice for ALL citizens and potential citizens of Israel.

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