Infographic of land-theft in Palestine published by GOOD

Infographics are popular these days, and I was surprised to see one about the occupation of Palestine featured in the Politics section of the GOOD official website. The graphic, titled “Cartographic Regression“, highlights Palestinian land-loss from 1917 until today.

My opinions on the graphic are mostly but not entirely favorable. I do appreciate GOOD’s attempt to visually show how Palestinians have been forced to deal with illegal land-theft and colonization for almost an entire century, but certain omissions, such as the de facto annexation of Palestinian land through the Apartheid Wall’s encroachment into the West Bank, leave me disappointed.

Nevertheless, if there is one thing to praise about this piece, it is the detail of the West Bank territory in the map of present-day Palestine. We are oftentimes made to believe that Palestinians maintain complete control over their respective territories, but in the West Bank, where illegal Israeli settlements continue to grow and military forces are deployed to systematically restrict freedom of movement for the indigenous Palestinian people, the area is broken into dozens of small zones that don’t necessarily feature full Palestinian autonomy. Entire roads crossing the West Bank, for example, are for “Israelis only”. This is one detail the graphic designer got right.


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  1. Mark Richie

    Yes, this really hits home. There were hundreds of commentws on the GOOD site, mostly whining from zionists about how the graphic oversimplifies.

    Of course it does…but it’s still a reality, one the zionists would prefer not be seen in the media!

  2. Mike Mungovan

    So complicated,and unfair,I wish Bill O’reilly would spend a whole week on this subject, from 1917 to present. Americans don’t always get the whole story but I think O’reilly would try hard to be fair and honest to both sides

  3. Cyndy

    @Mike Mungovan , Is that a serious comment ? O’reilly would try hard to be fair and honest to both sides??? God bless you, you have overdosed on the kool-aide. If you honestly expect any form of truth balance from Bill O’reilly , Fox or ANY of the MSM/cable news in the US, you will be disappointed. Especially when it comes to the State of Israel ! Even the so called Christian churches, which up until about 30 years ago preached the truth, are now propaganda, fund raising machines for the secular government of Israel.
    However, I give you credit for doing your own research via the net and not accepting the propaganda our corporate owned media puts out. If a news reader (we no longer have true journalist ) dares to speak against Israel, they will be fired. In alot of countries to speak out against Israel or even question the facts surrounding the holocaust will mean prison time, considered a hate crime. AIPAC is pushing for that same law here. The majority of congress are either DUEL citizens, Israel/US, or have pledged to put Israel first. Take notice durning election time how many make trips to Israel to campaign.
    The link below is great for re-educating yourself concerning the SOI and zionism. May God be with you on your journey.

  4. Kelly Perl

    First, the land was not Palestine in 1917; it had belonged to the Ottoman Turks and the British stepped in. In all fairness, it should be a different color.
    There’s also a bit of irony that the U.N. approved partition is also part of the regression.
    Note also that the Arab nations attacked 1948 with intent to drive Israel in the sea.
    Ditto for 1967.
    The Arabs’ inability to drive us into the sea should should not be our defense or problem.

    I don’t see why Israel should negotiate with parties that hate them and doesn’t want them there, as manifested by this map. I thought we had a shot in the 1990s, but now I don’t want to give one inch more. Let the Palestinians come up with something constructive.

    1. Sami Kishawi

      Read a book, preferably any that deal with states and empires, and recognize that an empire can consist of separate states. The Ottoman Empire was not a large plot of land; it was a ruling entity over a collection of states with internationally-recognized borders that, for the most part, still exist today.

      Also, in 1967, Israel launched a surprise attack on the Egyptian armed forces to set off the beginning of the Six Day War. Again, read a book.

      1. John K. Whittom

        What books are you reading. Any history book says that the Jewish people have lived in Israel for thousand of year. They did not return to Israel in 1947.

  5. 4frogs

    Long live israel and the Jewish people forever and ever God’s chosen and they will not be driven from thier land, thus said The Lord…”I will bring them back into thier land which did happen in 1948 “and never ever again shall they be driven from thier land. The land was is and always have belonged to israel, The so called palestinians are the occupiers. God bless Israel richly. and may God bless Netanyahu who will be visting the US on March 2, 2015 for his case against the evil enemy Iran who is threatening to destroy them. March 20 is Purim…read the book of Esther in the Holy Bible.

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