SJP Conference 2011: Zionists confronting and attacking attendees

A number of students registered for the National SJP Conference were confronted by flag-waving Zionists moments ago. According to Roqayah Chamseddine, a conference attendee also known by the Twitter handle @iRevolt, a group of pro-Israel protesters bearing American and Israeli flags confronted SJP members in an attempt to intimidate them and disrupt their involvement in the conference.

The protesters gathered at the main entrance of the journalism building at Columbia University. At least one Zionist protester carried a sign labeling the SJP Conference as a form of “stealth jihad“. Another protester reportedly said that all Jews who grant Palestinians any land should be “beheaded”.

Another protester physically attacked a student and was arrested by police officers.

Ironically, Chamseddine’s tweets appeared right after another SJP member sitting in on a media workshop tweeted about the likelihood of Zionists to attempt to disrupt and provoke students working for the Palestinian cause.

Note: All images are credited to Chamseddine. For those interested in following steady coverage of the SJP Conference through Twitter, @DianaValerie is live-tweeting and will likely continue to do so until the end of the closing ceremony.


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  1. ralphiesmom

    The Zionists are going to be left behind. We had some pro-Palestine banners at Occupy seattle yesterday and got overwhelmingly positive comments. Many to the affect that “it’s about time” [someone told the truth about the situation]. 2 minutes after we put up our banner, a guy gave us a $20 donation.

    Pics at Occupy Seattle.

    SJP — don’t let them get you down! Power to the people! We want equal rights around the world, including in Palestine!

  2. Noelle Clearwater

    Sami our hearts are with you. I think that this type of behavior is the product of deep seated fear on the part of American pro-Israel Jews. It is sad but in my mind it in no way sullies this wonderful conference or the cause. In fact, it makes it that much brighter and more significant. I am sending you this link. some high schooler wrote this about the prisoner swap for Gilad Shalit. She makes him, his family and the IDF look like saints and all of the prisoners being released are tagged as murderous terrorists. she even enumerates their crimes and states that they should never be released. It is a Huffington Post publication. I was appalled. I wonder if you can speak to it. Thank you.

    1. Sami Kishawi

      Thank you for your comments and your support for student movements. I’m sure everyone at the conference can agree that whatever transpired as a result of the pro-Zionist confrontation absolutely had no effect on the excellence that resulted from the conference.

      Now, regarding the HuffPo article you mentioned and linked to, I also want to thank you for bringing that to my attention. I, too, am appalled, and I’ll do my best to come out with something to combat the explicit subjectivity expressed in the article.

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