We are mainstream: Lupe Fiasco’s Palestinian flag at the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards

Here is Lupe Fiasco, performing live on a nationally-televised event, donning a shirt in support of Occupy Wall Street, rapping about the selfishness of corporate greed, speaking out against racism and bigotry, and proudly displaying a Palestinian flag before himself, the audience, and the cameras.

Watch this stunning performance and smile. The Palestinian cause is a people’s movement that will continue to grow in popularity. We are mainstream and we will stay that way.


There are 3 comments

  1. sabrina

    Honestly, I am so proud of him. To perform at the BET Awards with such truth is amazing. He has so many followers, I hope he knows that.
    Peace to Palestine, peace to all.

  2. amirhossein

    so proud of lupe !
    i will always be a lupe fan because of this representation!
    at last some peoples are hearing those poor palestinian childs screamings!

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