The Palestine Entries: Letters to Gaza with love

// Entry #38

Towards the end of my stay in Gaza, I was granted permission to tour the Qattan Centre for the Child, a beautiful educational institute that offers cultural activities, book rentals, youth mentors, and a warm environment for the children and families of the besieged Gaza Strip. The center boasts various public attractions including a growing library, computer stations, and rooms displaying themed artwork.

One particular room caught my attention. Under the title “To Gaza with Love” dangled dozens of letters of support sent to Gaza from all around the world. Some letters dated back to 2009 while others were signed as recently as May 2011. This is only a small sampling of the collection.

Sami Kishawi

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  1. Noelle Clearwater

    Dear Sam,
    Thank you so very much for posting these photos and for giving us the back story on them and this wonderful center. I cannot help but think of the impact of social media on change in the Middle East and know that with time and continued efforts like yours, liberation will come, it can and it must. We hold Gaza in our hearts and I am grateful for you and for everything that you do here.
    Peace and Light Brother,

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