Israel pulls Jersey Shore-like stunt on Turkey

Is it just me, or does Israel’s latest political strategy sound more like reality television?

From Haaretz (and I invite you to view the featured image and the equally ridiculous caption):

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office released on Friday a statement regarding Foreign Minister Avidgor Lieberman’s “plan” to take retaliatory steps against Turkey.

According to a report in Yedioth Ahronoth, Lieberman assembled a team in charge of retaliating against Turkey. According to the report, the team recommended to Lieberman that Israel should cooperate with the terrorist organization PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) and even consider supplying it with weapons. Another suggestion was to offer assistance to the Armenians and file UN reports against Turkey for violating human rights of Turkey’s minorities.

In other words, Israel and Turkey were once friends, but the relationship hasn’t been the same since Israel not-so-covertly shot and killed nine Turkish nationals during 2010’s Flotilla attempt. With Turkey at the forefront of shifting political leverage in the Middle East, Israel’s government feels compelled to make a stand for itself in what appears to be a dramatically childish attempt to undermine Turkey’s authority. Not that I watch Jersey Shore or anything, but I’m fairly certain The Situation pulled this same move on Snooki in the fourth season.

Each plan is hypocritical to the greatest extent. Israel already carries a reputation for excessive military force and it makes no sense, strategically and logically, for the government to exacerbate its already tense relationship with Turkey by sending weapons to the PKK and encouraging armed conflict. Israel, in conjunction with a number of lobbyists and support groups, is working a PR blitz to improve its public image as a nation striving for peace. How will Captain Israel feel once he’s ordered to send weapons hundreds of miles away?

And then there’s Lieberman’s UN threat. What I find most ironic is that Lieberman and his government cronies have a knack for rejecting UN reports that condemn Israel’s humanitarian abuses towards minority Arabs within Israel and Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank. The only way the Israeli government can justify this plan is if it also offers assistance to Palestinians and helps file UN reports against Israel itself for violating the same human rights Lieberman is so concerned about. Justice cannot be served to some and not others.

On a side note, I extend my humble support to the Armenian and Kurdish people, both of which have suffered and continue to suffer a great deal. Although I admire the Turkish government for taking a stand against the occupation of Palestine, I will not be a hypocrite and allow myself to follow in Lieberman’s footsteps by ignoring other grave humanitarian situations, particularly those occurring under the airwaves of Turkish media. It is my hope that the end of oppression towards Palestinians will also be the end of oppression towards anyone and everyone else.

Sami Kishawi


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