SJP SAIC call-out for art submissions on Palestine

From the Students for Justice in Palestine at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

As a group of artists and writers, we advocate using the arts as a means of resistance. Art has the ability to generate dialogue about important social issues and reach people in ways that alternative news sources do not, but we’ve realized that discourse on Palestine is lacking in most artist communities.

We felt that it was necessary to create something to reach those communities, and few mediums are better to do so than zines (pronounced ‘zeens’), which are self-published collections of original works that are easy to disseminate and can be found at popular bookstores such as Quimby’s in Chicago.

At the beginning of the year, we put out a call for all forms of art and writing related to Palestine to self-publish a zine called “OCCUPIED.” Our intention was to publish a new zine every few months, providing a platform for socially aware artists and writers and giving a voice to the people of Palestine, who are often silenced or ignored. The zine has since acted as a fundraiser for SJP projects and events necessary to continue the fight for Palestinian freedom and human rights. We received submissions not only from Chicago artists and writers, but also from talented individuals all across the country and even internationally.

We created about 100 copies of “OCCUPIED” and it sold successfully in many places including education and activist circles, SJP events, the annual Chicago Zine Fest, and our new online etsy shop. We are now calling for submissions for the second issue, “BESIEGED,” which will be published this Fall, and we encourage anyone to submit work that aligns with our cause.

Please send all submissions and/or questions to with BESIEGED in the subject line. You may include your name, website, and organization/school, or you can request to remain anonymous. SJP SAIC representatives will be in contact with you regarding your submission. The deadline for all emailed submissions is October 3, 2011.


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