A friend of mine asked a good question. “What did this baby have to do with the shootings at Eilat?” (Warning: link leads to graphic image).

Well, what about this woman? The Israeli military attacked Hamas security installations (even though Hamas outwardly announced it played no role in the Eilat shootings) in Gaza and ended up launching a projectile toward this woman’s bedroom.

Photo by Mohammed Salem, Reuters

And what about this girl? She doesn’t look like a “terrorist” to me. But she can’t feel her left side and doctors in Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital are doing all that they can to heal the damage to her broken bones and burned skin.

Photo by Mohammed Salem, Reuters

Finally, a tweet that appeared on my Twitterfeed:

It reads: “I am #Israel. Meet 5-yr-old Islam Qreqa’a. twitpic.com/68s60l This is him after my airstrike that hit Gaza 8 hours ago twitpic.com/68q02s” (Warning: links lead to graphic images)

There are 3 comments

  1. Sami Kishawi

    And what did the Gazans targeted almost daily by indiscriminate Israeli air strikes have to do with the Israeli military’s/government’s grievances (whatever they are)? Also nothing.

    1. Suraya

      Absolutely brilliant blog! plse send me your e-mail address. i need to contact you. i am a researcher for a palestinian human rights organisation based in johannesburg, south africa.

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