EMERGENCY POST // The Palestine Entries: Rally in support of Flotilla in Gaza City as soon as possible

// Entry #20

This is an emergency post. I don’t really know how to accomplish this but I have an amazing image in my head. I see thousands of Palestinian, Turkish, French, Spanish, South African, and even Greek flags waving through the crowded streets of Gaza. I hear hundreds of thousands of voices chanting in unison, demanding that the Flotilla be allowed to travel to the shores of Gaza in full safety and security.

I have less than two more weeks and Gaza but I want to be a part of this scenario before I leave. We, the people of Palestine, must stand up against the outsourcing of Israel’s blockade to Greece. We need to be out on the streets, we need to do what the French did under the Eiffel Tower and what activists all across the globe continue to do in front of their Israeli embassies, their Greek consulates. There is no better time than now. The world’s eyes are on the Flotilla and people are steadily becoming more aware of the oppression and injustice this noble humanitarian effort intends to challenge. We need to give them — the Flotilla activists and the international community — every opportunity to do what’s right in the name of service to humankind.

The Gaza Strip is the Flotilla’s final destination. Even though the fleet of ships has not yet arrived, we need to be on the coasts pulling them in. We need to break the siege ourselves, to unsilence ourselves, to swim out into the sea towards the solidarity activists who have nothing else on their minds except for a free Palestinian people.

Today is the last day for tawjeehi testing, the final examination period for students completing high school. These tests are taken very seriously and the entire Gaza Strip undergoes a brief lull in activity to respect the students. But with the testing phase of the school year over, the youth must head to the streets. We need to outdo the world’s activism. After all, we are the ones under siege.

Pull your mothers, your fathers, your aunts and uncles. Drop your weapons. Ignore your political allegiances. Hug your Palestinian brethren. Don a kuffiyeh, wave a flag, hold a sign. Let us break the siege with our voices and our strong will.

Rally in Gaza City, as soon as possible.


There are 2 comments

  1. Yasmeen El Khoudary

    Hi Sami. This sounds like a great vision, but I don’t see it happening.. I think people in Gaza are concerned with things that affect their daily life more directly, such as Rafah and the reconciliation, and both are failing them terribly. So, will you find the needed spirit? I look around me and see that a lot of people don’t even know about the flotilla..

  2. Ronnel Petersmith

    I agree that people, now, need to hold protest rallies in support of those outside of occupied Palestine, some of whom are risking their lives. An impoverished Greece has obviously been paid off to support the illegal Israeli blockade of the flotilla of peace.

    I, also, commend you for suggesting people lay down their guns and I would go so far as to suggest that they carry no sticks and they throw no stones. Despite frustration is is best to still be patient and to stay peaceful.

    One thing to watch for are hired thugs that may be infiltrated into any rally. Remember that the powers-that-be will do their damnedest to make the protestors look like rioters. There should be a clear plan to prevent this from happening and to minimize the effect when it does.

    At the beginning of the rally explain this and hand out notes about this possibility. Make it clear that the protestors isolate anyone causing or instigating violence simply by moving away from them, pointing at them and booing them.

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