The Palestine Entries: Photos of Gaza’s beautiful children

// Entry #17

Are they not as beautiful, not as adorable as your children? Are they any different from the children you see in your streets? Sure, they speak a different language, live in overpopulated refugee camps, and can most likely name at least one nuclear family member injured or killed during Operation Cast Lead, but they’re really not much different from you when you were a child.

These are the beautiful children of a refugee camp in Khan Younis, just southwest of Gaza City in the Gaza Strip.

Note: Very few girls were outside when I was in the area. Those that were shied away from the camera.

Sami Kishawi


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  1. Maha

    These pictures are fantastic, as are all the other one’s you’ve been posting from Gaza. The children of Gaza really are very beuatiful mash’Allah.

  2. Reem Naser

    these faces melted my heart..each smile, or pose is different, but their is similarity in their eyes…eyes that I’m certain have seen many difficult times. great pictures!

  3. Carol Scheller

    Thank you for these beautiful photos. There is a little boy named Ahmed who lives in Khan Younis. During one of those hot summer nights last year, he slept on the rooftop of his home and looked at the moon for a long time. Ever since, he has been asking his father to give him the beautiful moon. Ahmed wants the moon. Why not ?!

    1. Raymond

      Yes, and why not?He deserves it as much as anyone else on earth, yet Israel treats him and his people like 2nd class citizens on their own land.

  4. Raymond

    Thank you so much for these pictures, as the Zionist leaders of Israel continue to demonise Palestinians who just want their humanity and dignity and their stolen homeland back that Zionists keep trying to take away by labelling them terrorists, but what do you call the Israelis who would in the name of ‘security’ who has the 4th largest military in the world thanx to the USA, as they imprison 1.6 million Palestinians the majority of which are still refugees in their own land and have a despicable operation perpetrated against them called Cast Lead where the illegal use of depleted uranium and phosphorous ammunition outlawed all over the world except Israel ignores all decency and goes against the world using these terrible tools of murder that caused so much suffering to the children and the people in Gaza. These pictures show young Palestinian kids as the humans they are, not the ogres Israel perpetuates and paints them as.

    1. charlotte hawa

      thanks to the zionist controlled media propaganda, but, only through educating the ignorant, which is happening now throughout the world, people are realizing the truth, israel is the greedy parasite, taking land and stealing what isn’t really theirs, no consciousness, time for everyone to see the truth, behind the
      real aggressors! many israelis that are jewish but are not zionists do want peace!
      give up and share!

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