The Palestine Entries: Missiles into a residential high rise [Updated]

// Entry #13, Updated

This is the aftermath of one of the deadliest attacks that occurred during Israel’s invasion of the Gaza Strip in 2008-2009.

Abraaj al-Karaama, or the Buildings of Dignity, once stood tall in the Tal el Hawa district of Gaza City. Israeli forces targeted these structures over the course of the three-week invasion. This particular apartment building was hit the worst. Entire families perished and, according to two anonymous sources, more than one hundred individuals died.

Update: I’ve received conflicting reports on the effects of this bombing. Another source informed me that this particular building was empty when hit and that the only casualties were those on the ground. I haven’t yet confirmed, but judging by the bland decor of the rooms, it is likely that this building had not yet housed families. Nevertheless, the building’s immediate surroundings were leveled completely.

The building is too large and thus too difficult to dismantle. It currently stands as a reminder of the savagery that befell the Gaza Strip in the form of missiles, gunfire, and heavy shelling.

Reports indicate that Hamas operatives gathered in the general vicinity of the structure and that the shelling was intended to hit the militants only, not the actual apartment building.

Sami Kishawi


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  1. alicekisch

    Sami, thank you so very much for sharing your Palestine entries with us. Wonderful reporting! May you, your family and the other 1.6-plus million Gazans soon be able to live in Palestine in peace, justice and dignity. Safe travels!

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