This day in history: Israel’s maritime invasion of American liberty

Forty-four years ago, Israel launched an attack against American liberty, quite literally. On 8 June 1967, Israeli helicopters, fighter jets, and torpedo boats launched an organized assault on the USS Liberty, an intelligence and research Navy ship stationed in international waters miles from the Egyptian coast. Thirty-four American servicemen lost their lives and another 170 suffered wounds. These are the undisputed facts.

There has yet to be a full investigation of the assault. According to survivors, this is the only attack against American military men that has gone unaccounted for.

In terms of Israel accepting responsibility for its actions, particularly those out at sea, the important thing to note is that nothing has changed since then.

More information can be found at the USS Liberty Memorial website.


There is one comment

  1. Sam Holloway

    This is an intriguing chapter from our recent history. It demonstrates, among other things, that our national fealty to Zionism trumps even our more enduring pathologies of chauvinism and militarism.

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