DePaul’s human rights victory published on Electronic Intifada

I’ve always praised the Electronic Intifada (EI) for breaking the stereotypes of popular news sources by actually reporting as much as possible from as many angles as possible without losing focus, hiding facts, or deceitfully convincing readers to follow an unethical or illegal agenda. I promised myself that one day I’d write something substantial enough to be featured on this prestigious website.

I’m happy to say that I’ve finally fulfilled this promise. EI recently published an article I wrote covering DePaul University’s Sabra hummus boycott campaign and I’m grateful that the editors found enough quality in the article to meet their standards of reporting. It’s an honor, and while I don’t wish to boast or brag, I do hope that you’ll give it a read. The article is called ‘DePaul vote on Sabra hummus a victory for human rights‘.

Thanks to EI for giving me an opportunity to further extend the reaches of my writing, and thanks to the brilliant students, colleagues, and friends at DePaul University who so kindly kept me updated with every detail of the campaign.


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  1. Cliff Bennett


    Thanks for all you and your friends are doing! I am representing Skip Schiel, a Quaker Activist, who spends time teaching photography in the West bank and Gaza (http://teeksaphoto or His new presentation is “Eye Witness
    Gaza” from his November/December 2010 trip to Gaza. Skip is going to be in the Chicago area in a couple of weeks (June 2011). Know any groups who might want to host him?

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