Divestment campaign at DePaul University moves on to a campus-wide vote

DePaul University’s Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) has taken a lead role in the growing boycott, divestment, and sanctions campaign in Chicago. In November of 2010, students and activists with SJP drafted a formal request to have Sabra hummus removed from all of DePaul’s cafeteria shelves after discovering that Sabra’s owner company maintained direct monetary ties with two particular brigades in the Israeli army credited with grave human rights violations. The group’s request, grounded on the principle that DePaul should not in any way maintain business relations with a company financing the systematic abuse of humanitarian law, was quickly taken into consideration and the administration saw fit to temporarily discontinue any sales of the Sabra product.

However, just days after the administration’s decision, Sabra hummus was reinstated on campus pending further review by DePaul’s Fair Business Practices Committee. Campus administrators deliberated amongst each other and with students both in favor of and against the possibility of divestment, allowing SJP to present a detailed report of Sabra’s connection to specific incidents involving illegal Israeli military action against unarmed civilians in the occupied Palestinian territories. Since then, the administration has opened the deliberation up to the entire student body.

Starting today and lasting until 9 a.m. on Friday, DePaul students are encouraged to participate in a school-regulated vote concerning the sale of Sabra hummus on campus. The students behind the campaign have repeatedly made it clear that the purpose of the campaign is not to attack any one group of people or to punish the DePaul campus by removing all hummus-type products. Rather, DePaul’s SJP has requested the university substitute Sabra-brand hummus with a more ethical company’s hummus in the spirit of DePaul’s Vincentian values.

In order for the divestment process to go to completion, the administration requires at least 1,500 votes with a simple majority-win. The administration has also taken note of the fact that other elite universities considering similar divestment campaigns are watching the events unfold at DePaul. The outcome of this vote may very well help forge the path toward common ethical business practices throughout most major college campus in the United States. It is absolutely imperative that DePaul students have their voices heard by participating in one of DePaul’s most historic moments.

SJP DePaul has also prepared this brief video promoting the week-long vote:

Sami Kishawi


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  1. Dean

    Please have a look at what is happening on your campus in the youtube clip below. Have a look what is going on in the world! What do you think the world would be like if we all behaved and lived under murderous regimes like Libya, Syria, Pakistan, Iran, Lebanon, Gaza, the PA, Saudi Arabia, etc? There are 56 Muslim countries and one Jewish country and yet the greedy Muslim countries (and their little student helpers), cannot live with those they brand “infidels.” It is their psychological, religious and moral problem, not ours. Some students support lies and false historical accounts of Islamists who wish to constantly attack Israel to ethnically cleanse the Middle East of Jews and Christians. All of us must defend against these lies that are happening on campuses far and wide. The propaganda of people who want Israel punished for defending its people is weak and I expect other students and the administration to publicly counter these lies. They spew their misinformation and then close down debate because their arguments consist of lies and misinformation that is indefensible. We must strive to encourage students in America to become contributing members of society and not terrorists and hate mongers like the youth the terror states are turning out by the millions.

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