To my Libyan brothers and sisters

A few weeks ago, I spent hours trying to capture this particular shot because I think it perfectly summarizes the situation in Libya. The people have finally broken out of Gaddafi’s barbaric stronghold. The Arab Spring has set the stage for the world’s greatest, most admirable breakout.

For as long as I can remember, my Libyan brothers and sisters always — and I mean always — stood by my side, raising the flag of Palestine over our heads. Red, black, white, and green. The colors remain, the bonds strengthen, the struggles grow similar, and all it takes is a quick rearrangement of the Palestinian flag to get the equally beautiful Libyan one.

On behalf of the conscious community that undoubtedly recognizes the Libyan people for their bravery and dedication, together we dedicate this and every other sign of solidarity to you. Let the glory of justice, honor, and humanity overcome the evils of the State.

And especially to the activists, students, and homegrown professionals, thank you for keeping me grounded in reality, for keeping me informed, and for accepting me as more than just a brother. Today I am Libyan, and tomorrow I will be too.

Sami Kishawi

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  1. Fernando1958

    very well said. I’m from Peru, living in Montreal-Canada. I wish one day I can see a united Arabia, where the wealth from their resources doesn’t go to a few Kings and Princes or Dictators and their families, but to the people, for their schools, universities, hospitals, and for any service they need. I wish all the people work together, trading their products, manufacturing everything they sell (please, no made in China). I want to go to Libya one day and drink coffee with some freedom fighters 🙂

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