New York Times ads: David Horowitz in 2011, Campaign to End All Aid to Israel in 1988

David Horowitz, founder of the controversial David Horowitz Freedom Center, purchased ad space in the May 3, 2011 edition of the New York Times to publish an inflammatory “public service” announcement labeling Palestinians as racist, genocidal liars. His argument is based on the premise that Palestine, both as a country and as a name, never existed; that the land’s inhabitants prior to the establishment of a Jewish state were inevitably Turkish; that there has yet to be an “occupation”; and that the suffering of Arabs, who he alleges to be murderous liars, is therefore justified.

Needless to say, David Horowitz chooses to ignore reality and is blinded by his own prejudiced and fundamentally flawed ideology that Palestinians are beneath him. The problem is not just that the New York Times allowed something as vulgar as this to stain its papers but that Horowitz and his Freedom Center lack the dignity necessary to keep them from publishing and disseminating the kind of hatred and bigotry that continues to instigate world conflict on a regular basis.

For those who feel compelled to deconstruct Horowitz’s argument and prove every aspect of it wrong, be assured that he can do that on his own by simply visiting the United Nations’ webpage (or even the website belonging to Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and reading the executive summary of U.N. Security Council Resolution 242 which explicitly demands the withdrawal of Israeli troops from lands occupied after the Six Day War in 1967. He can also look into the British Mandate of Palestine to learn more about Palestine’s rich cultural and political history prior to the creation of Israel. On the issue of justifying the suffering of Arabs for over sixty years, Horowitz’s irrational and vile approach merits no response.

One might also feel compelled to question the ethics of the New York Times for printing an advertisement rife with hatred and factual inconsistencies. Freedom of speech is a value upheld very stringently in the United States – not by the government, per se, but by the people and its institutions. But this does not justify the publication of Horowitz’s article. Substitute the term “Arabs” for “Blacks” and one might take it as the Klu Klux Klan’s newest manifesto. The only difference is that the New York Times would not dare feature white supremacy in any of its pages.

Then the following questions must be asked: Why feature Israeli supremacy? Why inferiorize an entire race of people? Why play into the free speech tactic by rejecting every other American value?

But the New York Times isn’t all that backwards. On March 13, 1988, the paper published one of the first and consequently most underrated public critiques of the state of Israel in an advertisement paid for in full by the Campaign to End All Aid to Israel. The full page announcement calls on readers to “oppose Israel’s onslaught” by ceasing all monetary and military aid to Israel. The advertisement is also one of the first to explicitly recognize Israel as an apartheid state “built on expulsion, dispossession, and subjugation”.

Unlike Horowitz’s piece, this particular advertisement is both factually sound and internationally supported. Over one hundred intellectuals, professionals, and activists from cities all around the world signed on to this historic announcement. The growing boycott and divestment movement of Israeli companies, artists, and academics is oftentimes credited to the Palestinian civil society’s call for a worldwide boycott of Israel, but this advertisement, which preceded the civil society’s appeal, is evidence that the campaign to cease the economic growth of an apartheid state began much earlier on the American front.

But unfortunately, little is known about this ad or the Campaign’s work in the 1980s. Prior to the publication of this article, the advertisement’s text could not be found anywhere on the internet. The process of discovering it involved hours of research and rummaging through microfilm in the basement of the University of Chicago’s world-class Regenstein Library. The Campaign to End All Aid to Israel now exists through other organizations at a scale much larger than anticipated. Nevertheless, while Horowitz’s bigoted advertisement attracts attention, it is only right to reveal the earlier, non-debatable, and groundbreaking announcement published by the New York Times two decades ago.

Sami Kishawi

Click here for a PDF version of the New York Times’ 1988 advertisement for the campaign to end all aid to Israel (full text below)

Click here for a PDF version of David Horowitz’s advertisement published in the New York Times on May 3, 2011 (full text below) [found by Shirien D.]


Full text of the New York Times’ 1988 advertisement for the campaign to end all aid to Israel


We cannot stand silently by as we watch young men and old, women and children murdered daily in cold blood – shot at point blank range, savagely beaten unto death with heavy staves, their heads, hands and limbs smashed.

We cannot permit a ruthless state to poison people with toxic gas and bury young men alive.

We shall never accept an entire people denied the elementary democratic and human rights we insist upon for ourselves. Were we subjected to a brutal occupation, daily humiliations, military rule, mass imprisonment and institutionalized torture, we too would rise up in revolt.

The rebellion of the Palestinian people has been a long time coming. Twenty years of occupation are but one dimension of their tragedy. They were driven from their original homes, villages and land by sustained massacre, condemned to miserable camps, subjected in a far-flung Diaspora to renewed slaughter, saturation bombing and unending persecution.

The tyranny suffered in the West Bank and Gaza is but the little continuation of how all of Palestine was colonized. Between the time of the partition of Palestine in 1947 and the formation of Israel, Zionist militia seized 75% of the land and drove out 800,000 Palestinians through a series of massacres.

When the state of Israel was declared, there were 475 Palestinian cities, towns and villages. Of these, 385 were razed to the ground – disappearing from the map. The 90 remaining were denuded of land, confiscated without compensation.

Today, the Jewish National Fund administers 93% of the land of Israel. To live on land, lease it, sharecrop or work on it, one must establish four generations of maternal Jewish descent.

If, in any country, people had to prove they did not have generations of maternal Jewish descent in order to enjoy elementary rights, no one would mistake the quintessentially racist character of such a state.

Israel is an apartheid state, founded on pillage and predicated on exclusivity. Rights flow from ethnic and religious identity.

How is this to end?

There are over five million settlers of European origin in South Africa. The Afrikaaner population and those of British descent have lived in South Africa for many generations. Yet, very few people, let alone those purporting to be advocates of self-determination for Blacks in South Africa, propose two states – a European white state with guaranteed security abuting a demilitarized, subordinate African state.

A dependent Bantustan alongside an apartheid state is a mockery of self-determination – whether in South Africa, colonial Rhodesia and Algeria – or apartheid Israel.

In Israel, no less than in South Africa, minimum justice requires dismantling the apartheid state and replacing it with a  democratic secular Palestine, where Jews and Arabs, Christians and Moslems, live together with equal rights and opportunities.

Apartheid Israel cannot exist without the U.S. treasury. Since 1948, $92 billion of U.S. tax money — $6 billion in 1987 alone – have financed Israel, a state built on expulsion, dispossession and subjugation. The American people have no interest in subsidizing the world’s fourth largest military power or the torment of the Palestinian people. End all aid now!

The response to four decades of outrageous tyranny exist – in the stone throwing children of Jabaliya, the Beach Camp, Balata and Dheisheh. It is echoed in those Israeli Jews who resist the oppression of others.

Theirs is the struggle, slingshots in hand, of David against Goliath.

Theirs is the passion for a life without oppression.

Theirs is the vision of a country short of racist dominion.

Palestinians and Jews, free at last from discrimination and injustice, will forge lasting peace only in a democratic and secular society where elementary rights are accorded to all.

Extend your hand to the heroic people of Palestine.

Support the campaign to end all aid to apartheid Israel.

Join the worldwide call for a democratic and secular Palestine.

Join our efforts — oppose Israel’s onslaught


Full text of David Horowitz’s advertisement published in the New York Times on May 3, 2011

The Palestinians’ Case Against Israel is Based on a Genocidal Lie

The Palestinian Authority on the West Bank and the Hamas Government of Gaza both claim that Israel is “Occupied Palestine.”

This is a lie.

Israel does not occupy “Palestine.” When Israel was created in 1948, there was no Palestine to occupy. There has never been a political entity, state or country called Palestine in the Middle East.

The derivation of the name “Palestine” is Roman not Arabic. It was a name affixed to the Jewish homeland as an insult and punishment when Rome conquered Jerusalem and dispersed most of the Jews who lived there to the four corners of the globe.

The land on which Israel now stands was part of the Turkish empire and had been for four hundred years. The Turks are not Arabs and there was never a province, nor an entity in the Turkish empire called “Palestine”.

In fact virtually no Arabs called themselves “Palestinians” until 1964, the year the “Palestine Liberation Organization” was created. The goal of the PLO, as expressed in its charter, was not to liberate Palestinian Arabs from foreign rule but to destroy the Jewish state.

In 1949 Jordan annexed the West Bank and Egypt annexed Gaza.

But the annexation of the so-called Palestinian homeland by these two powers called forth no protests from the Arab world. In 1964, Jordan rules the West Bank and Egypt ruled Gaza, but the PLO did not call for the liberation of the West Bank or Gaza. It only called for the destruction of the “Zionist entity.”

It is true that the Arabs of the West Bank and Gaza are suffering. But they are suffering because of sixty years of Arab aggression; sixty years of Arabs rejecting peace, and sixty years of Arab wars to destroy the Jewish state. They are suffering because whenever the Arabs of the West Bank and Gaza were given the opportunity to hold free elections, they elected corrupt and terrorist regimes to rule over them.

Throughout human history, people have suffered deprivation and oppression. But never in history has a people waged a calculated war on women and children, and honored the murderers as heroes and martyrs, as the Palestinians now do.

The lie that Israel “occupied” Palestine is genocidal in nature. The slogan that flows from it – “Palestine Must Be Free From the River to the Sea” – is a demand that the Jewish state and its citizens must disappear.

There is one reason and one reason alone that there is no peace between the Arabs and Israel, and that is because since 1948, the Arab aggressors have refused to live side by side with a non-Muslim, non-Arab, Jewish state.

Published as a public service by the David Horowitz Freedom Center


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  1. bisna

    Hi I agree with what you said, but want to alert you to the misuse of the word ‘radical’ to describe Horowitz. The term has been widely abused to mean ‘extreme’ or ‘dangerous’ but it means going to the ROOT of something..and I don’t want our movements to promote the misappropriation of the word.

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