Discuss: Bin Laden and the Arab Spring

2011: The Arab revolutions, Osama’s reported death, Egypt opening the Rafah border crossing without Israeli approval. Times are changing in the Middle East. So when do you think the next U.S. invasion will be, if there is to be one? What is the likelihood of retaliation from abroad? How will this affect the United States’ position in the Middle East and its role as a mediator within the occupied Palestinian territories? Will the United States finally dig its way out of the region or has the Middle East not yet ‘proven’ itself?


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  1. Sanah

    Great idea to discuss this. My optimistic hope is that things will change for the better; however that’s dependent upon not only the response of our respective governments, but upon our own response and commitment to ensuring that whatever change happens will serve our interests. Perhaps Osama’s death can be used as a success story in the War on Terror and be used as reasoning to minimize troops and U.S. military presence in the region, and refocus our efforts on more productive and promising endeavors. However, the more likely option is that it will be used to escalate the war, label US intervention as “helpful” and “necessary” and reinforce and expand the military-industrial complex; the implications of which can be frightening to imagine.

    1. Sanah

      Oh, and, judging by the news coverage I saw on CNN and NBC, etc., mainstream media is trying really hard to dramatize this and make it seem more ‘groundbreaking’ than even Obama tried to. I guess that’s something that raises questions as well. Many have stated that this is Obama’s great opportunity to fuel his re-election campaign, and I can understand that as happening, considering during his speech he made sure to emphasize the ‘I dids’ and ‘My recommendations’ and such, seems like self-promotion, but then again maybe that isn’t out of Obama’s speech-delivering nature.

  2. Brian Mayer

    I agree with Sanah for the most part, but I’m optimistic that a combination of the Arab Spring and OBL’s death will make it extremely hard for terror to recruit in the Middle East, and US intervention will pare down as a result. And this is definitely good for Obama politically, but do you blame him for taking advantage?

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