I still can’t get over these cupcakes

The extent to which entire groups of people support the occupation of Palestine and the violation of Palestinian human rights is truly depressing. With illegal settlers waging state-funded religious wars against the Palestinians they’ve evicted, with drones and jets flying above Gazan rooftops, with families forced to watch bulldozers tear down their homes, it’s hard to remain optimistic. But we continue to push forward nevertheless. Even though we’re usually the underfunded, underestimated underdogs, we’re never undermanned nor are will we ever be undermined. Our momentum is growing, and it’s all thanks to dedicated and socially responsible individuals, activists, and humanists just like yourself.

So here’s a treat. Hopefully the sugar content will keep you awake during those long nights of research, event planning, and campaigning in the name of Palestinian self-determination.

Note: I may or may not have taken this a bit too far but I managed to find the person behind these cupcakes. Her name is Diane and I’m going to end this post right now because staring at them has made me hungry.

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