Lupe Fiasco drops a lyrical bomb on Israel [and the rest of the world]

If you don’t know who Lupe Fiasco is, you’re missing out on the most innovative hip hop music the industry has yet to see. If you do know who he is, then I’m sure you’ve heard this song by now. He officially released it today in preparation for his upcoming album and it merits recognition not just for its fresh lyricism but also because it references that which mainstream media chooses to ignore. It’s a stylized yet honest commentary on the American War on Terror, certain FOX television hosts, Islamophobia, and Israel’s occupation, of course.

To my knowledge, this is the third track released by Lupe Fiasco referencing the Gaza Strip and/or Israel’s invasion of the territory. Keep in mind that his songs normally hit the #1 spot on music charts worldwide. I won’t reveal the lyric(s) here — partially because I’m trying to build suspense but also because this song deserves your utmost attention. Please give it a listen.


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  1. Matt

    He also drops a lyrical bomb on Palestinians (the violent ones at least)

    “Jihad is not holy war, where’s that in the worship?!
    Murdering is not Islam and you are not observant
    And you are not a Muslim
    Israel don’t take my side cuz look how far you’ve pushed em”

    1. annnnn

      For the record, its “Israel: don’t take my side cuz look how far you pushed ’em.”
      implying that his words are not to be construed as support for Israel because Israel is also responsible for the desperate situation that spurs terrorism.


        Actually the way the lyrics are written it could go either way so you’re just arguing about something you aren’t even sure about either!

  2. Andreas Moser

    RE: “third track released by Lupe Fiasco referencing the Gaza Strip and/or Israel’s invasion of the territory” –

    He might be a bit behind there. Israel has left the Gaza Strip completely in 2005.

    1. Leena salah

      HAHAH Lupe Fiasco isnt behind
      Because Isreal went back to Gaza 2years ago in feburary and thousanda of
      Palestinians were killed did you hear about that or did cnn/fox/abc fail to inform you about that.

      1. mm

        you mean at the retaliation for the hundreds of missles shot at Israel from the Gaza strip by the Hammas?
        because there were no thousands of Palastinians killed.
        Accurding to the palastinians, there were 270 people who died during the operation. most of which were involved in the Hammas (a known terror organization).
        but facts be damned, as long as you can make Israel the bad side of the story.
        Remind me again, which country would have waited 2 years before going to war agaisnt someone who threw missles at its civilians, all year long? just Israel

      2. lbar

        Oh yeah, god forbid the palestinians fight back. When someone holds a blockade, starving the population, depriving them of building material so you are forced to live in tents, the army doesn’t even allow the palestinians to fish in their own sea and regularly bomb their fishing boats and then they struggle to find the necessary building materials because Israel is imposing an illegal blockade on said region. Oh wait, I’m guessing you are expecting the people to turn the other cheek and be like meh, oh well, we’ll starve to death?
        Hamas’s rockets are like fireworks to Israel’s arsenal. Plus, the first couple of casualties from those rockets were actually Arab Israelis….

      3. Natalie

        Maybe next time you want to criticize Israel you will consider spelling it right you stupid twat. I think that Israel just wants to make peace with the Palestinians now-a-days. The Israeli people do not want to hurt innocent civilians and are only fighting back because of the constant rockets sent into their country by HAMMAS. After all, the Israeli people and Jewish people are not shouting “DEATH TO PALESTINE, DEATH TO THE MUSLIMS” throughout their own streets.

    2. justine phillips

      No. They never stopped. You are so stupid to believe the lies CNN tells you, portraying what the Zionist are doing to these innocent people of Palestine. Get real. Read a book! Turn on some Al Jazeera news for once.
      The only “crime” Palestinians do, is FIGHT for what is theirs! and FIGHT for their land, One day they will have it back. I promise you that. Palestinians will NEVER stop FIGHTING.

      1. Dmitry Merener

        There is no such place as PALESTINE. It is just a mandate made after WW2 when England was separating oil states. Israel must set up blockades because otherwise the bad guys drive vans full of explosives into buildings. Israel has enemies all around it and they are still around (though they have to be extra careful). Palestinians are weak people who still live in the stone age as most other countries in that region and if they would not kill innocent Isreali’s and allow terrorists to form governments. I am sure there would be a two state solution by now.

      2. mutdtownie

        well said are correct ,palestine will never stop fighting .how the world can stand by and let criminals like netanyahu get away with this cold blooded murder of innocents is beyond me.oil is the big picturec here.america supporting israel in its mission to gain control in the middle east .a new world order for the richest countries in the world.

  3. Sami Kishawi

    True, settlements (already illegal under international law) were removed from the Gaza Strip, but there can be no denial that the military continues to have a presence in the territory — particularly during night raids, border-control measures, and, most notably, the invasion of Gaza in 2008-2009 which Lupe Fiasco refers to in this particular song.

    1. mm

      so the military is suppose to just let the Hammas do whatever it wants? because even with its presence, the Hammas manages to attack israeli citizens with missles.
      They even managed to shot a children’s bus for god sake.
      Once the Hammas is no longer a problem, and the terror from Gaza stops, Israel will not have a presence in Gaza.

      1. justine phillips

        what military? I dare. the American military to even step foot in Lebanon. Test ’em. 😉

      2. lbar

        Israel and America for years have said if Palestinians get their own Ghandi then they will listen. Palestinians have decided to adopt peaceful means of protesting. Last week, thousands of Palestinian refugees marched unarmed to the borders and many, many were killed. The ones near Gaza were bombarded with tanks and live ammunition. I’m glad the world is finally seeing Israel what it truly is, a military regime that embraces the philosophy of Stern Gang and Lehi (which by the way were both terrorist regimes) that has killed all compassion out of its soldiers. It’s well known soldiers are brainwashed in the army, which is why they possess the highest suicide rate in any arm.

      3. hino17

        What does Isreal expect? That the Palestinians will just stand there and welcome them? Open their doors to the Zionists that are cutting off their water and food supplies? Forget food and water, entering the land is the biggest mistake the Zionists committed and they know that they are hanging on by a single thread. The world will see that the Palestinians will take back their land and Israel doesnt have to sit back, they can attack all they want, but in the end Justice will prevail.

    2. joe

      well theres still illegal settlements in the west bank and there still building them…by the way my info is from my self not any news channel i go each summer

    3. Dmitry Merener

      Justin Phillips must be the stupidest and dirtiest idiot I have ever heard. Last time Israel stepped into Lebanon (2006), they set your country back 70 years in 32 days while Hezbollah was shooting rockets from camel back.

  4. Abe

    Were the American revolution people considered terrorist because their protests were very peaceful the fought back against great Britain because they occupied their land and even though they are somewhat different they are the same concept so next time you say something about a topic look from both sides. They are even se Israelis who support Palestine but i have yet to hear about Palestinians who support israel.

  5. Steve

    The Middle East is a disaster.

    Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Gaza/Palestinians (Hamas), Libya, Yemen, etc. are all corrupt disasters.

    And crazy lunatics outside of Israel have spent decades trying to destroy Israel.

    So Israel defends itself.

    And then some misguided people blame Israel for it. It’s silly.

    Israel is not fighting against normal Arabs, normal Muslims. Israel is fighting against the most crazy extremists on Earth, and unfortunately the Palestinians happened to vote for them (Hamas) as their leaders, and they like using Gaza as a launching pad to attack Israel.

    Israel is just defending themselves from crazy people.

    When the wars against Israel stops, there will be peace.

    1. hino17

      If Israel wanted peace they wouldn’t have barged in. In America we have the decision whether or not we would allow an AMERICAN solider in our home during times of war or peace, this is the law of one of the most powerful nations on earth, also the nation that provides BILLIONS of dollars to Israel, while America itself is in no way economically stable. Back to the constitution, our own nation protects us from incidents like that ever happening, so maybe as a nation we have turned away from the torture and injustice of the world. In Palestine, the European Jews didn’t ask to come in the peoples homes, instead they attacked. They attacked back in 1948 and they have continued to do so, and no one is helping them because the most powerful lobbyists and businessmen in the world are Zionists and they wouldn’t mind giving all the glitz and glamour up, until they see every last Palestinian child cut up.

  6. adam

    You can have this argument 100 different ways, a million different times and everyone appears to be correct. How can you side with or against a nation trying to protect its people and a nation trying to become legitimately independent. However, remember this quote because it is the truth and the core problem. “If Palestinians lay down their weapons, there would be no more war. If Israel laid down their weapons, there would be no more Israel.” Try arguing with that… really.. you cant.

  7. victor

    These Palestinians in Gaza have no option but to hate israel after all the hardships they go through. I understand that israel has to target hamas but by depriving all the Palestinians in the area they are causing all of those people to hate them and there’s no changing their mindset. And israel is overly forceful. Hamas was launching little home made unguided rockets that would barely leave a crack in the sidewalk. They weren’t seriously threatened but I get that they had to do something. But they go into Gaza and cause destruction so that the rest of the civilians hate them. Try and rly put urself in the shoes of the Palestinians in Gaza and there’s no way u wouldn’t hate the israeli government and army

  8. Peace

    If someone was throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails into your yard and windows and if you let them threaten the security of your family they might start throwing grenades then you get up and you let them have it … The other option is to let them throw explosives into your home because they are only Little cocktails and stones.. Right???
    That’s Israel’s security based point of view..
    Gaza’s view is we’re trapped in this impoverished plot of land being controlled by the Hamas and when Hamas decides to upset Israel we’re the ones who suffer the most…
    What is the proposed solution..??
    Get Jordan to pitch in some land… Get international organizations to put forth some money and really create a well structured Palestinian state…
    Your thoughts???

    1. Sleipnir

      Jordan wouldn’t do such a thing, if they were to, they would’ve done it by now. The Arab leaders use the ‘suffering’ of the Palestinians as a bargaining chip and a reason to delegitimise Israel and the Jews.

  9. Sleipnir

    If anyone is truly concerned for the Palestinians (I am, as a Zionist) then consider looking an inch below the surface. Check out Lebanon’s treatment of the Palestinian refugees living in Lebanon, you’ll be surprised. Stop treating Israel like the bad guy, when it’s entirely more democratic than it’s neighbours.

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