Update on DePaul’s temporary divestment from Sabra products: Official Statement

Over one week ago, concerned students at DePaul University in Chicago prepared a campaign against the sale of Sabra hummus in campus food and dining facilities. University administrators privately announced to the students that the sale of Sabra products will temporarily be discontinued. Today, the university released a formal statement to the public:

DePaul University’s Dining Services has temporarily stopped the sale of Sabra hummus pending a review by the university’s Fair Business Practices Committee. The temporary suspension of the sale of the Sabra product was prompted by a request by the Students for Justice in Palestine at DePaul. The organization expressed concern that the company that makes the product has been a voice of support for the ongoing Israeli occupation. In the meantime, Chartwells, DePaul’s dining services vendor, will make hummus and serve it in the dining halls.

NOTE: The school did not completely or permanently divest. This is only a temporary measure. The product has been removed from shelves until a separate Board reviews the decision. Hopefully the decision will be in support of a full divestment. More to come later.



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