To Overcome a Wall: A Picture Essay



The other day, I came across this photograph from 1979 of Mexican and American citizens playing a friendly volleyball match using the border fence as a net. Aside from being a very captivating image, it shows the power of the human being in overcoming the barriers meant to divide us.

The purpose of this wall holds a stark parallel to the purpose of another wall – a wall too high to see over, built from concrete and American tax dollars, and meant to cast a shadow over all of Palestine. Still, even that apartheid wall can be overcome. But how?

You can stand against it
Photo from Anarchists Against the Wall

You can even come dressed as an Avatar character
Photo from the AP

You can stretch it

So that you can fit through it

Your child can draw it on paper

And you can draw on the actual thing

You can use it to score a goal

Or to sit back and watch a World Cup goal

You can peek through it

Photo by Yaldo Photography

You can use surrounding rubble to build a ramp over it

And help a shepherd get to the other side

Photo by the International Solidarity Movement

Or you can just join the flock crossing over the Wall to get to Friday prayers

You can be a famous rock legend like Roger Waters of Pink Floyd

Or you can be as creative as these students and give each slab of concrete a pictorial story

You can try to push it down

Or you can just End Task

Whether you want to go up with friends

Or reach the top on your own

We will overcome the Wall.


There are 5 comments

  1. Deena Kishawi

    Masha Allah, this is such a great post. It was an amazing comeback.

    The essay was terrific. Great job and keep up the good work. This was a really nice photo essay. Insha Allah we see more like these.

  2. Adam

    I miss my people, I love you all Palestine from top to bottom from inside and out. I will never turn my back and think about you with doubt. A country that is in love with its people and a country that is in love with its deen. The is why Palestine is always on my mind, Half my deen is in palestine long live it and long live the good in it.

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