A peaceful conversation with an Islamophobic, xenophobic, racist, prejudiced Zionist

I do my best to avoid long discussions on Twitter because they tend to evolve into pointless arguments. Unfortunately, I was sucked into one not too long ago. I figured I wasn’t going to convince @jberrebi of anything so I decided I’d try to make him recognize his own foolishness. He did that on his own, though. Not only did he attempt to justify war and mass murder, he managed to bring Islam’s typical “problems” – both cultural and religious – into the mix.

I urge you to read the entire conversation. It might expose you to some of the very basic and very racist/prejudiced talking points that people try to use as justification for war, occupation, and other violations against humanity. As this was a very informal conversation between two nobodies, please excuse the spelling and grammatical errors. And any factual or ideological flaw is mine alone.

It began with this tweet:

@jberrebi to @samikishawi we are in peace with Greece not with Gaza (cc @alkanz) you can’t compare! Egypt too will receive natural gas from Israel

@samikishawi to @jberrebi you’re at war with Hamas but you’re taking it out on the entire population of Gaza. Including children and women

@jberrebi: that’s the case. If they are no missiles from this zone, there is no war.

@samikishawi: surely one of the most advanced armies in the world must know a better and more strategic way of fighting the target not innocents

@jberrebi: they voted for the Hamas not us. If they can help us to fight the Hamas, we will all be able to reach a real peace

@samikishawi: so your justification of killing innocents is that they democratically elected a gov’t that is seen as a terrorist org by only a few nations? (extended via twitlonger)

@samikishawi: if that’s the justification you use, why can’t they fight against a nation occupying them, one with a corrupt govt (re: Holyland)

@samikishawi: and I’m sure you must be well-versed in int’l law enough to know that an occupied people are entitled to violent resistance

@samikishawi: but I’m not saying war is right. i’m saying it’s unjust to attack an innocent civ. population that has nothing to do with rockets

@jberrebi: What are the solutions to stop the rockets ?

@samikishawi: the fourth strongest army in the world should be capable of figuring that out. killing civilians is so uncivilized

@samikishawi: I’m in no authority to determine military strategy, but as a human being, I have all the authority to condemn murder of innocents

@samikishawi: And your solution is to kill whoever lives in Gaza as if the small 6-yr old going to school was the one who launched a rocket?

@jberrebi: Too easy to condemn without alternatives or solution.

@samikishawi: Murder is never a solution or an alternative and should always be condemned.

@samikishawi: I must admit that I’m glad you aren’t radical and that you seem open-minded and courteous but I can’t believe you seem to (cont)

@samikishawi: justify killing of civilians. Even if there is no alternative, murder should never be made into one.You know that. Are you Jewish?

@jberrebi: 1300 people were killed. The Gaza Strip population is 1.5 million! Do you really think we wanted to kill everyone inc children?

@samikishawi: Who cares if the pop was 1.5 mn, 3 bn, or 2000, the point is 1300 people were killed!

@jberrebi: Give another solution. Give annoter solution. We need to protect our children too.

@samikishawi: Your children are not more valuable than our children. Protect them, but allow us to protect ours too.

@samikishawi: I do not support rocket attacks, btw. Why? Because I condemn murder of all kinds.

@jberrebi: We don’t want to kill anyone. We just want to be safe in our VERY SMALL land.

@jberrebi: Sure. You can protect your children. Don’t shoot rockets or stop the Hamas to do so. They are our enemies (to you and us)

@samikishawi: If they are the enemy, fight them. Don’t fight the civilians.

@samikishawi: I’m asking again, are you Jewish? If so, I do interfaith work and I know for a fact that Judaism condemns murder.

@jberrebi: You are not supporting but you’ve done nothing to stop them. We can’t wait indefinitely. Now, there are now more rocket attacks

@samikishawi: How do you know what I’ve done? And within the scope of intl law, those rocket attacks are a form of resistance against occupation

@jberrebi: 1/ Why are you not helping us to fight them ? 2/ The civilians voted for them.

@samikishawi: They voted democratically. And how do you know WHO voted for them? It wasn’t 100%

@samikishawi: Plus, since when is it okay to attack voters? Does that mean we can kill democrats in America?

@jberrebi: We are condemning murder but we are not condemning self defence

@jberrebi: We don’t think it’s occupation. Read the Bible, the Quran and history books. It’s the Jewish land.

@samikishawi: It’s occupation and it’s self-proclaimed and the UN recognizes it that way

@samikishawi: And self defense does not entail killing 1300 individuals or uprooting trees or demolishing civilian homes

@jberrebi: That’s life. All the germans didn’t vote for Hitler too but all the armies killed hundred of thousands of them to stop them

@samikishawi: And that is wrong. Those were innocent Germans who had nothing to do with Nazi Germany

@jberrebi: Too many muslims countries in the UN. It’s not an independant institution

@samikishawi: Oh the UN? The one controlled by the United States? And that shouldn’t be your excuse man.

@samikishawi: There are also Christian countries too…

@jberrebi: In 1948, the UN voted for Israel as a Jewish State. Arabs countries prefer to go to war.

@samikishawi: Then in 1967, Israel occupied land. Now, it continues to move within the green line

@samikishawi: And must I remind you of those illegal settlements in Palestinian territory?

@samikishawi: How dare you try to justify murder. Shame on you

@jberrebi: You’re just condemning but not giving any solution. #Typicallymuslim

@samikishawi: You’re an Islamophobe too? So now Muslims don’t ever give solutions? You just lost all of your credibility

@jberrebi: The arabs war against Israel began before 67. Now that you lost it, you want to recuperate the lands. Too easy no?

@jberrebi: I confirm. Muslims don’t EVER give solutions. Always asking for other to find solution for them. You’re just proving it again

@samikishawi: You are clearly racist and prejudiced. My solution is simply to stop killing people. That should be the first priority

@samikishawi: It was a UN-declared occupation. UN Sec. Council Res 242

@jberrebi: Don’t care about the UN. Who said that UN needs to control the world ?

@samikishawi: Who said Israel needs to control the world? Another solution: Use your high tech and hunt out those actually fighting

@jberrebi: We don’t want to control the world. Just control our very small land and live in peace here. We are not asking anythg else.

@samikishawi: Are you proud of being a xenophobe?

@samikishawi: An dhow am I asking you to find me a solution? I’m giving you one right now: Stop killing people.

@jberrebi: It’s not a solution to protect our children against your crazy ayatollahs.

@jberrebi: Not a xenophobe at all. I’m not “against” muslims but I confirm they are never finding a solution. Just a cultural problem.

@samikishawi: Too bad Islam isn’t a culture… It’s a religion actually.

@jberrebi: Islam is a religion AND a culture.

@samikishawi: I’m sorry man but I don’t deal with racists. Peace out

@jberrebi: Thanks to confirm that you can’t find any solution. Have a good day/night.

Have a good day/night indeed. His argument speaks for itself. You don’t need a conclusion to recognize just how wrong one person can be.


There is one comment

  1. ano

    no point doing discussions with israelis who bring up “god gave us the land”. these kind of people have much, much more radical views how to handle palestinians according to their bible…

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