‘Mighty Ducks 4: Direct Peace Talks’ coming to a theater near you

The Flying V formation is back on ice! September 2 marked the first day of filming for the fourth installment of the famed Mighty Ducks film series. After a decade-long hiatus, producers and directors returned to the hockey rink to film Mighty Ducks 4: Direct Peace Talks (2011).

Starring talented actors such as Barack Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Mahmoud Abbas, the movie picks up from where D3: The Mighty Ducks (1996) left off. Obama, playing himself, coaches a team of comical and unfocused amateur hockey players through a turbulent season involving deception, betrayal, stubbornness, and of course, direct peace talks. Breaking away from tradition, the action-packed hockey film plays more as a comedy than anything else. One of the directors issued this statement at a private press conference:

Fans of the Mighty Ducks series shouldn’t expect the same old euphoric and over-dramatized championship victories seen in the previous three films. It’ll be different this time – something that you knew was coming but still felt compelled to believe otherwise. And expect lots of laughs. Abbas and Netanyahu are one giant joke when working together.

The kind production staff at White House Productions, Inc. has provided us with the first sneak peek of what’s expected to be 2011’s breakthrough summer hit. Here’s a gift for those dedicated fans of the series:

(From left) Teammates Hosni Mubarak, Benjamin Netanyahu, Barack Obama, Mahmoud Abbas, and King Abdullah walk in the classic Flying V formation towards the locker rooms

Albeit poorly acted, this was the first time we saw the Flying V formation in action:

Sami Kishawi

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