‘Price tag’ policy: Payback in ten easy steps

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It’s a relatively new method, but it’s been hitting headlines almost every day lately. It’s called the ‘price tag’ policy. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Sneak into present-day Palestine by illegally crossing over UN-recognized 1967 borders.

Step 2: Find a newly-unemployed Palestinian and entice him with a job.

Step 3: Point to the nearest stack of cement blocks. He will become your construction company.

Step 4Build a settlement and invite your family and friends over for dinner and every other dinner after that.

Step 5: Take out your “Book of International Laws” and place a checkmark near the one you’re going to violate in the coming morning.

Step 6: Receive benefit checks signed by Netanyahu himself. He is proud of you for being a pioneer and taking it upon yourself to expand Israel’s borders.

Step 7: With your tax-deductible AK-47, start a scuffle with nearby police authorities and/or Palestinian families.

Step 8: Respond with force as the Israeli government folds to international pressure and announces plans to remove your settlement.

Step 9: Before soldiers escort you to a jeep, tell him, “If our settlement goes, their land goes! It’s the ‘price tag’ policy.”

Step 10: Light a Palestinian farm on fire, throw rocks at car windows, or just fire-bomb a Palestinian-owned building. Payback.

It’s really simple but it’s utterly disgusting. In a dispute that involves only Israeli settlers, the Israeli government, and Israeli military men, those neighborly Palestinians that are so often referred to end up with yet another home to rebuild or family member to mourn over.

Is this justice? You tell me.

Sami Kishawi

Note: For basic information on the ‘price tag’ policy, read Schott’s Vocab piece in the New York Times.


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