Excuse me but Israeli bodyguards shouldn’t be losing their guns in New York

American Airlines workers at John F. Kennedy Airport apparently lost luggage belonging to security officials for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, officials said Tuesday.

The lost suitcase – with weapons inside – was eventually discovered in Los Angeles. Four Glock 9 mm handguns that were in the bag are now missing and police officials say they believe they were stolen.

NBC News

I needed a good laugh. The issue of national security should always be taken seriously, but this just goes to show that the United States needs to revise and reconsider its security policies – and most definitely its friendships and alliances.

My thoughts:
1. Why were guns even allowed on an American Airlines flight? I don’t care who they belong to. If the individuals are serious or important figures, put them on a private jet. I’m sure AIPAC can afford it.

2. These Israeli bodyguards are considered ‘elite’. Remember, the term ‘elite’ also applies to those commandos that raided the Freedom Flotilla en route to Gaza. How clumsy.

3. I’m sure that the White House immediately replaced the lost weapons. And although it’s an assumption, I can make a reasonable case: For the 2010 fiscal year, the United States has already provided Israel with at least $2.70 billion in strictly military aid. Even the Jewish Virtual Library says so.

4. American Airlines really needs a new luggage-handling system.

Sami Kishawi

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