Flotilla Update: Immediate Post-Attack

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Flotilla Update: Israeli Navy Draws Near
Flotilla Update: Some of the activists have even felt the need to prepare wills
Flotilla Update: Israel Attacks Convoy, Deaths Reported
Flotilla Update: Unarmed Activists Killed At Sea
Flotilla Update: Immediate Post-Attack (You are here)
Flotilla Update: Global Outrage, Action Against Attack

Al Jazeera has increased death toll to 19. However, as of June 7, 2010, the death toll has been established at 9 total deaths. The names have been released.

Sheikh Ra’ed Salah is still in critical condition with an injury to the head.

Denmark and Norway also call for emergency meetings with Israeli ambassadors. Meanwhile, President Sarkozy of France criticizes Israel of using “disproportionate use of force”, BBC reports.

Raw video footage of attacks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MB-Mk4bFz-U

Turkish government inspected boats for weapons before departure from ports. Free Gaza Movement confirms that no weapons whatsoever were aboard the fleet of boats.

UNCONFIRMED: Channel 10 TV news reporter claims that one of the dead might have been a US citizen.

Protests all through the occupied territories of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip are expected within the coming hours. Organization has begun.

Israel braces for Arab riots. Germany has expressed concern over the Flotilla attack. Greece and Sweden join Spain and Turkey in calling upon Israeli ambassadors for immediate discussion of tragic event at sea. It has been confirmed by various news agencies that the Flotilla was in international waters when it was attacked, laying grounds for allegations against Israel for international law violations.

Ynet reports that four Israeli soldiers were injured. Among them, one is reported to be in critical condition. The injured soldiers were promptly flown to Chaim Sheba Medical Center. Meanwhile, it has been confirmed by various news networks that Palestinian-Israeli leader Sheikh Ra’ed Salah has been severely wounded in his head. He is currently undergoing emergency surgery.

Protests have occurred worldwide, including in Amman, Jordan. Spain has just called on its Israeli ambassador.

Israeli spokeswoman Avital Leibovich claims that the activists were affiliated with Hamas, and as such, the convoy was not intended to be a humanitarian project. She also acknowledges that the Flotilla was raided in international waters. (All via interview with Al Jazeera English)

Conflicting reports among Israeli spokespeople. Some claim that the activists were armed with knives and sharp objects. Others claim that the activists were armed with live ammunition. However, upon Israel’s expected inspection of the Flotilla boats, the public will understand that the activists were all unarmed.

Israeli hostile units gather aboard the lead ship in the Flotilla attempting to head towards the coast of Gaza.

A blood-stained stretcher used to transport an activist shot by Israeli hostile units during the Freedom Flotilla's attempt to reach the Gaza Strip

Al Jazeera English has just played footage of live ammunition still being fired even though white flags were raised on the Flotilla boats.

The European Union has demanded an independent investigation of the raid on the Flotilla mission.

Osama Hamdan, a Hamas representative, states that the Flotilla mission had no affiliation with Hamas or any other political organization. It was strictly a humanitarian mission what was raided.

Israel considers the entire Flotilla mission a publicity stunt. Meanwhile, Hamas calls for the international community to take action. A three-day mourning period has been announced for both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

Gaza Welcoming Committee transformed welcoming zone into a protest zone open to the media.

Israeli spokeswoman Avital Leibovich claims that there is absolutely no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. UNRWA’s Chris Gunness denies these claims. Palestinian officials call for protests and mass boycotts.

Israel declares that the activists will remain detained or be deported. Israeli authority figures acknowledge that the Flotilla had not yet reached Israeli territory. Haniya calls on the Palestinian Authority to stop “all direct or indirect talks”.

Boats are currently being towed towards Ashdod from Haifa, according to recent statements made by Al Jazeera.

Al Jazeera reports deaths of 15 rather than 16. Of these, 9 were Turkish and 6 were Arab. Meanwhile, Israeli authorities claim that 6 soldiers were injured by weapons and “sharp objects” used by activists aboard the Flotilla ships.

An Israeli helicopter drops Israeli commandos onto the Flotilla boats in an attempt to prevent the humanitarian aid convoy from reaching the coast of Gaza.

Reports indicate that Abbas has stated that Israel has just killed any potential peace negotiations due to the crime it committed in international waters.

If you look closely, in the middle of the screenshot is an Israeli commando sliding down a rope from a helicopter immediately above. This occurred during the commandeering process in which Israeli naval units attacked activists and assumed control of the Flotilla boats.

Defense Force spokespeople claim that activists aboard one of the Flotilla boats fired live ammunition towards Israeli naval units… (I have so many comments to make about this)

There have been claims that of the 16 killed by Israeli naval forces, 9 were Turkish nationals. Turkish officials have indicated that this massacre will inevitably strain relationships between Israel and Turkey.

Al Jazeera correspondents trying to report in Jerusalem. However, the crew has been faced with angry Israelis shouting in support of the massacre aboard the Flotilla boats.

Emergency protests have begun in various parts of the world. Rumor is that a protest is initiating in New York City. As for the condition of the injured activists, the hospital has yet to be officially confirmed. The remaining activists have been arrested.

Unconfirmed reports state that some activists are resisting arrest.

Israeli ambassador in Turkey is forced to stay home amidst protesting in front of his house and throughout various parts of Ankara, Istanbul, and other cities. French television networks have finally reported on the Flotilla attack.

Israeli cabinet “regrets” the deaths. Live video stream (link at bottom) is currently showing damage to boats.

All members of the Flotilla have been arrested, unconfirmed reports say. Confirmation soon.

Al Jazeera correspondent reports that the attack on the Flotilla has not yet ended. Death and injury tolls are likely to rise if this can indeed be confirmed.

Turkish television news networks raise death toll to 16.

Thousands have poured into the streets of Istanbul to protest Israel’s illegal response to the unarmed humanitarian convoy.

Haaretz in Israel reports 10 deaths with at least 60 wounded.

Turkish security forces are called to provide protection for the Israeli consulate out of fear that protesters might attack. Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports state that an Israeli soldier may have been killed during the entire proceeding. Turkish news networks affirm the finding that at least 10 individuals were killed by Israeli forces.

For live video stream, click: http://www.livestream.com/insaniyardim

There are 14 comments

    1. david schermerhorn

      My father was one of the people on the boat.
      He’s an 80 year old American who wanted to help bring humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza.
      btw — He is an American who fought in the US Army for this country.

      The israeli goverment are so low…And clearly they’re already starting their “pr” campaign, claiming they “regret” the deaths of the unarmed people they shot. (They only “regret” that the world is aware of it).

      They, the israeli goverment, has now screwed up with this one…This will bring the attention to the world that they can’t whitewash anymore.

      If Obama has ANY courage (we’ll see) he’s not going to try and wipe this under the carpet and will address hold israeli accountable for the murder of UNARMED citizens.

  1. David G

    This barbaric massacre must be the last atrocity that Israel is allowed to commit.

    For too long this Rogue Nation has got away with murder, genocide, land-stealing, assassinations, brutality, cruelty, house demolitions, tax-stealing, sieges, etc.

    Israel must be broken up and its arms taken before it causes a nuclear war!

  2. Robin

    Salams Sami,
    I am reluctant to ask because you are doing such a good job of updating and recapping, but could you possibly cite sources when you have them? Shukran.

  3. Kafka

    Hey man,

    I just saw your blog and am really impressed by how fast it’s growing in following and your very poignant observations on the crisis of Palestine.

    I also recently wrote about the unjustified attack on the flotilla but looking at it from the perspective of it as an inevitable consequence of when a political party not in the favor of western powers is labeled a terrorist group and the repercussions it has upon the people (ie. Palestinians, aid workers) that must engage with the region.

    if you’re at all interested in my perspective check out the link. i’m not honestly not plugging my blog lol, this is the first comment i’ve ever left on the entire wordpress website but i couldn’t help being impressed by your work.


  4. Alan Pritchard

    Israel seems determined to delegitimise itself.

    This was nothing less than sheer Piracy, a multiple offense under the Law of the Seas. I trust the world will act accordingly, officially. This should be at least Security Council resolution including Sanctions. US and European Appeasement needs to stop, NOW

    The region has had enough after 62 years of Ethnic Cleansing and even more of terror. Terrorism has to stop. That must include the disarmament and marginalisation of all armed Terrorist Groups. Starting with Israel.

    The Exodus? What, this is payback for something 63 years ago? Please … Oh, King David Hotel? Nakhba? hmm ….

  5. Adam Freedman

    It’s unfortunate for the loss of lives but Israel has the right to defend themselves with all means necessary .This was a publicity stunt that we all knew would end in a tragic way!

  6. Alex Bainbridge


    Condemn Israel’s attack on the Gaza flotilla

    Socialist Alliance statement May 31, 2010

    Rudd must break ties with murderous Israel

    Socialist Alliance condemns the completely unwarranted and murderous attack by Israel on the civilian Flotilla carrying aid to Gaza.

    Media reports on May 31 say that between 16-20 people may have been killed and more than 30 injured after hundreds of masked Israeli commandos stormed the six vessels of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in international waters off the coast of Gaza.

    Al Jazeera reported that the ships are being towed by Israeli warships to the port of Haifa, instead of Ashdod, where dozens of journalists were awaiting the Flotilla’s arrival.

    Protests erupted in Turkey and Gaza immediately, and are being organised around Australia for June 1.

    It is not yet clear who from among the hundreds of activists on board the flotilla of ships, many of which were Turkish, has been killed.

    Two Australians, among them well-known Sydney Morning Herald journalist Paul McGeough, were on board the flotilla. Their whereabouts is not known.

    Not since the French Secret Service blew up the Rainbow Warrior in Auckland Harbour in 1985 has there been such a brazen act of international piracy by a sovereign state. Governments all around the world have condemned the criminal actions of Somali pirates in international waters off the horn of Africa, and have even sent naval armadas to confront those pirates. The international community must now unreservedly condemn this criminal act of piracy on the high seas, and immediately sent an international naval armada to restrain the barbaric actions of the Israeli Navy.

    We demand the Rudd government immediately condemn the killings of unarmed civilians, break off diplomatic relations with Israel and demand that the Flotilla is allowed to land unimpeded, and the aid delivered to the people of Gaza.

    Most of the 1.5 million Palestinians living in Gaza rely on aid – which has been blocked by Israel and Egypt.

    The Rudd government must demand that the siege of Gaza, imposed in 2007, be lifted immediately and that Israel recognise the democratically-elected Hamas government of Gaza.

    Israel has once again violated international law and must be bought to justice for these and other war crimes.

    For more information contact Pip Hinman 0401 760 577
    June 1 Protests around Australia

    Huge protests have broken out in Turkey and the Israeli embassy there has been stormed. There are emergency protests being organised around the world.

    Sydney: Protest on Tuesday June 1, 5.30pm, Town Hall, organised by Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine.
    Melbourne: There will be a protest on Tuesday June 1, 4.30pm at the State Library.
    Perth: A snap protest will be held Tuesday June 1, 5pm, Wesley Church, cnr William & Hay Sts, Perth. Organised by Friends of Palestine.
    Brisbane: A protest will be held on Tuesday June 1, 5-7pm, Brisbane Sq, Cnr Queen and George Sts.
    Adelaide: Details coming soon – keep checking back here!
    Canberra: Tuesday June 1, 5pm, outside Israeli Embassy, 6 Turrana St, Yarralumla. Plus also a rally in Garema Place on Thursday 3 June at 4.00 pm (organised by Australians for Justice and Peace in Palestine)
    Newcastle: Tuesday June 1, 4pm, Sharon Grierson’s office, Hunter St

  7. Aisha

    I am just tooo sad to hear about this.. I still cant believe… Israeli army attached and there are casualities.. ;(

    I need to post about this article on my own blog too. Thanks for your information !!

  8. Andrea Barnes

    This is an international outrage. The UN needs to get directly involved in this huge humanitarian crime. BUT, first the UN must revoke the US’s veto power to prevent the US from vetoing any condemnation of Israel. Also, this would prevent interference of the arrests of Israeli war criminals. Israel has declared war against most countries. Please world don’t sit on this. We must all be outraged enough to act.

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