Flotilla Update: Global Outrage, Action Against Attack

More recent information will be towards the top. Information is as recent as June 1, 2010.

Flotilla Update: Israeli Navy Draws Near
Flotilla Update: Some of the activists have even felt the need to prepare wills
Flotilla Update: Israel Attacks Convoy, Deaths Reported
Flotilla Update: Unarmed Activists Killed At Sea
Flotilla Update: Immediate Post-Attack
Flotilla Update: Global Outrage, Action Against Attack (You are here)

To catch up on previous events, please read the three posts prior to this one. Thank you.

US activist loses an eye during protest against Flotilla attack after being shot in the face with an Israeli tear-gas canister in Qalandiya. For more information, read the International Solidarity Movement’s latest press release: http://bit.ly/bQdATD

Emergency session of the UN Security Council convenes to discuss Israel’s raid of the humanitarian aid convoy.

Reports say that 14 activists have agreed to be deported. At least 50 continue to resist arrest. These individuals will be taken to Beer Sheba prison at which they will be granted three days to appeal any deportation orders.

Turkey warns against further action. Reports indicate that supply vessels might be sent from Turkey to the Gaza Strip again, but this time with Turkey’s Navy escorting the supply ships.

Mass protests all around the world. Unconfirmed claims that Sweden ousted their Israeli ambassador have been disproven.


There are 5 comments

  1. Kafka

    Ironically, the Israeli government claims that 5 of the 6 aid ships were searched for weapons without incident (illegally searched btw since they were in international waters), yet the 6th ship supposedly “resisted” and that’s when the armed commandos were “attacked” by unarmed peace activists and aid workers who “beat, clubbed, and stabbed” the armed Israeli commandos…

    And even more interestingly, there is no mention of any weapons being found throughout this entire charade…I guess even Israel can’t lie to the extent of conjuring up weaponry upon a humanitarian aid flotilla. -__-

    Israel – the master of the aggressor-victim oxymoron.

  2. brduarte

    The video is quite clear. Legitimacy is trusted upon IDF and Israel to search vessels given recent cases of weapon smuggling. Surrendering Palestine to Jordan was an enormous mistake for a defeated Ottoman Empire.

  3. David G

    Israelis are as good at lying as they are at massacring unarmed people and stealing their land.

    Israelis are a blot on humanity and it’s time the State of Israel was dismembered and the Jews sprinkled across the world so they can’t put together any more Armed Forces ever again.

  4. Jo

    I see that the emigration of a lot of Jewish-Russian neo-nazis to Israel then year ago don’t have missed his effect …

  5. Dr. Pacifist

    israel really is juat as bad as the world say it is. you can see horrible things while being a part of it that no one else can see. israel is going mad… i really doubt the sanity of our citizens.

    it doesnt look good from here. someone needs to stop this madness and we cant count on USA although its the only nation with the power to do something, i dont know why Obama got cold feet and gave back up to Netanyahu’s speech.

    i agree with david about israel being dismembered, though it wouldnt happen. jewish doesnt need to be treated specially, they can live like all religions, we dont need a special country to live in, it brings only pain… nothing good comes out of it.

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