Flotilla Update: Unarmed Activists Killed At Sea

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Flotilla Update: Israeli Navy Draws Near
Flotilla Update: Some of the activists have even felt the need to prepare wills
Flotilla Update: Israel Attacks Convoy, Deaths Reported
Flotilla Update: Unarmed Activists Killed At Sea (You are here)
Flotilla Update: Immediate Post-Attack
Flotilla Update: Global Outrage, Action Against Attack

Turkish television networks now confirm the deaths of 10 individuals aboard the Flotilla ships.

Free Gaza Movement reports that the wounded and critically injured have been taken to hospitals. The names of the hospitals are being kept secret, however.

Israeli TV, Haaretz reports 10 dead.

The Flotilla boats have rerouted to HAIFA rather than Ashdod to avoid press, says the Free Gaza Movement.

Gunshots have been heard along the Gaza shore. Meanwhile, there is speculation that up to 10 individuals have died with many more injuries. Al Jazeera has stated that various Palestinian factions including Fatah and Hamas will soon gather for a joint press conference.

UNCONFIRMED: Lawyer from the Free Gaza Movement states that up to 10 have been killed aboard the Flotilla ships.

The six Flotilla boats have currently been redirected to the Israeli port city of Ashdod. Previous reports indicate that makeshift detainment units have been constructed in order to incarcerate, process, and deport the 700+ activists aboard this humanitarian aid mission.

Al Jazeera reports that Israeli forces fired tear gas at activists as well as live ammunition.

Al Jazeera reports that Israel’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Ehud Barak ordered Flotilla attack. Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh condemned the attack on the unarmed humanitarian aid convoy, calling it “barbaric piracy”.

ABC News in America picks up the news on the Flotilla attack, also reaffirming reports that two have been killed. Read the article here: http://bit.ly/cpqY0v. Meanwhile, Haaretz, Israel’s premier news source, pins blame on the Flotilla activists for not heeding to Israel’s calls to cease traveling towards Gaza’s shore.

Turkish citizens storm the Israeli embassy. Meanwhile, activists are frantic on board the six ships of the convoy. All have been reportedly commandeered and redirected. Turkish television networks officially confirm the deaths of 2 unarmed individuals and at least 30 injured individuals.

AP and CNN have both reported on the Israeli attack on the Freedom Flotilla headed towards Gaza. Attacks are confirmed. Meanwhile, Turkish citizens are pouring out in large numbers to protest the attacks in front of governmental buildings in Ankara and Turkey.

The Flotilla has been commandeered by Israeli hostile forces. The ships have been redirected. Unconfirmed reports claim that the ships are heading towards Haifa. Other reports claim that the ships are heading to an unknown location, likely to be an Israeli port. Only time will tell.

BBC News headlines the Flotilla attack. “Hamas says the interception took place in international waters, more than 150km (90 miles) off the coast of Gaza. Israel has made no comment.” Al Jazeera appears to be having technical difficulties at transmitting news feeds to the public. Read it here: http://bit.ly/9ssN4v

Turkish nationals protest in Ankara and Istanbul. Palestinian and Turkish flags wave amidst incoming news of deaths in international waters. Names of the dead individuals have not yet been released.

Al Jazeera has just confirmed the presence of Israeli helicopters and commandos descending upon unarmed humanitarian aid convoy. Video footage on Al Jazeera’s television network now.

Al Jazeera has just announced that the Israeli Ambassador to Turkey has been summoned “immediately” to the foreign ministry in Ankara.

Turkish nationals are currently marching to embassies and governmental offices in Ankara and Istanbul. The sun is barely out yet.

English television reporter states that Israeli is commandeering the Flotilla.

Israeli forces are now commandeering the main boat of the Flotilla. White flags have been raised yet Israeli military units continue to shoot at unarmed activists. At least 50 injured.

Turkish TV claims 50 injured along with two killed. Medical attention is needed for those critically injured.


Released video footage of attack caught on live video stream

Turkish television channel confirms deaths of 2 activists.

Announcement of a one-year-old baby on board the Flotilla. Naval vessels are still circling the humanitarian aid convoy.

Confirmed reports that attacks on Flotilla occurred in international waters.

For live video stream, click: http://www.livestream.com/insaniyardim


There are 22 comments

  1. Marivel

    Letter to all the Presidents of the Governments of United States,Ireland, Greece, Turkey, Norway, England,

    To take in their hands the protection of the Gaza Flotilla, that in their Humanitarian Missions were attacked by Israel Navy War Ships in International Waters. The world has to speak up and bring Israel to face International Justice.
    Israel has not rights to get in the way to the humanitarian Gaza Flotilla, as Israel have withdrawed from Gaza in 2005.
    The world is in uproar for the criminal actions of Israel,
    Nobody should be above the law.


    Marivel Guzman
    CA, UD

    1. Kate Howarth

      We can only hope that the lives of the innocents killed in this shocking incident will not be in vain. Surely the world community will not only condemn Israel, and its total disregard for human rights, but will hold the Israeli Government to account and prosecute those responsible. While ever this rogue state, Israel, is allowed continue its acts of aggression against the Palestinians and kill anyone opposing them, they jeopardise world security in a way not paralled since Adoph Hilter.

      1. Toe

        Kate , HItler…..wow! Tje only hitler IKnow, by your wild rants is you. Dont yku think your inflaming this situation with your rhetoric only hudtd prople as you cheer from the safty of Australia?

      2. toe

        Kate…dont you know your over the top gas throwing hurts the people actually involved in this? Kate…this isnt TV !

      3. Basan

        Please stay at home. This is hard enough without lonly uninvolved people chiming in. This nazi talk doesn’t help. It only makes talk harder, solutions more difficult !

  2. Enrique Ceciliano

    Adelante, ha llegado la hora de desnudar el sionismo israelita, “el maldito pueblo de dios,” que asesina niños ancianos y mujeres indefensas, hoy les ha tocado a ustedes inmortalizar con sus vidas la causa Palestina, mañana nos tocará a nosotros poner nuestras vidas a esta noble causa. Dios no ha muerto, ni calentura tiene. Viva Palestina siempre inmortal.

  3. JZ

    I have been following the blog since like 4 or so, I just can’t believe this. It is beyond words to describe how easily people fail to recognize that the side they think is opposing them is still comprised of humans. They are still people. I just don’t understand….

  4. B. Ross Ashley

    Pirates. demand he immediate convening of an international Court of Admiralty, and the gallows for each and every one of the participants in this unprovoked attack on unarmed aid ships.

    If these Israelis were Somalis, they would already be dead.

  5. alicia bettina nasrala

    quiero decir que esto ocurre porque se le permitió a los israelies desde ya demasiado tiempo actuar impunemente matando árabes, del libano, la tierra de mi abuelo y de jordania, de egipto y ahora a los palestinos que desde 1948 vienen soportando el tormento, el genocidio palestino y lo peor, el infanticidio. es terrible que en casi siglo XXI siga la esclavitud de la gente palestina en su propia tierra que tiene por historia y por religión, invadida por terribles asesinos despiadados y encima que quieren mentirle a la gente del mundo. Hoy con el ataque a los hermanos que iban para ayudar humanitariamente a Palestina, quedó demostrado totalmente que los terroristas son los sionistas, los verdugos de los palestinos, que hasta son capaces de autoatentarse para acusar a otros, que ni siquiera tienen dignidad para dar la cara y decirle al mundo sus crimenes que aprendieron de sus antes verdugos los nazis. Terrible imagen quedará para el mundo de este momento en que podrian haber dado un paso atrás en sus planes malvados y permitir que se les entregaran a los palestinos sus alimentos y medicamentos y las sillas de ruedas para tantos discapacitados por las bombas que arrojan. A LAS NACIONES UNIDAS LES QUEDA HACER JUSTICIA.

  6. EMMA

    This is disgusting, it can’t be this easy to kill somebody. The governent of all countries should do something to stop this ASAP. Hey England stop sleeping and start doing some thing. Let our votes count by seeing you saving people dying no matter where they are from… They have allready killed lots of Palestanians and now they are heading to kill others next it would be us the english.

  7. EMMA

    What a huge censure,,,, disgusting,. someone needs to stand up and finish this. Isreal is not folowing the rules they are just doing what they want to do. It can’t be this easy to end lives.

  8. Luis Blanco

    1948-2010: Israeli troops killing inocents in Palestine = 4th Reich
    1939-1945: Nazi troops killing inocent hebrews, gypsies, communists,… = 3rd Reich

  9. Lk

    Latest count is that twenty people are dead.

    You can watch the live feeds from Al Zareera. The US media is giving minimal coverage and trying to downplay it as much as they can.

  10. Poppi

    I just saw the headline to an earlier thread: “Israel surrounds aid ship and wont let it in” and thought to myself ‘I wonder how long till they open fire.’

    Then on the next page, I saw this.

  11. Russel

    Just watch, Everytime there is a story about the Caholic Priests and Molestation of Children on the Front pages, and in the headline news…. ISRAEL is attacking someone in Gaza , Lebanon etc. The Zionist owned media knows how to distract people from the REAL NEWS GOING ON !…. There are MORE Child molestations documented by Jewish Rabbis … so why NOT write about THAT while you are murdering people in Gaza ?

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