Flotilla Update: Israeli Navy Draws Near

Flotilla Update: Israeli Navy Draws Near (You are here)
Flotilla Update: Some of the activists have even felt the need to prepare wills
Flotilla Update: Israel Attacks Convoy, Deaths Reported
Flotilla Update: Unarmed Activists Killed At Sea
Flotilla Update: Immediate Post-Attack
Flotilla Update: Global Outrage, Action Against Attack

UPDATE: The Flotilla has decided to slightly reroute in order to avoid confrontation with Israeli naval forces in the middle of the night. Statements made aboard the Flotilla indicate that the humanitarian aid mission will attempt to reach Gaza’s shores early afternoon. Further reports state that the Israeli Navy has called back its gunships as well. Tension is still high amid threats of underwater attacks against the Flotilla.

Attacking an unarmed humanitarian aid convoy in international waters is the worst possible move Israel can make right now. But it seems like they might be doing just that.

Less than a half hour ago, the Freedom Flotilla reached to within 80 miles of the coast of Gaza. In an attempt to deliver necessary aid such as baby supplies, construction material, clothes, and ready-made housing units to the besieged population of the Gaza Strip, the Flotilla has already encountered a number of threats made loud and clear by Israel.

Currently, multiple Israeli naval gunships are quickly heading towards the six ships containing 750 international activists. Trained deep sea divers may or may not have been deployed, but the Israeli government has ensured that they will be used if the Flotilla persists in its mission to reach the shores of Gaza. Reports have been released that Israel has already lined the Flotilla’s potential route with more naval units.

The boats, filled with 10,000 tons of humanitarian aid, will be commandeered and steered away from Gaza if the Flotilla does not heed any of Israel’s warnings. An Israeli missile boat made contact with the Flotilla: “If you ignore this order and enter the blockaded area, the Israeli navy will be forced to take all the necessary measures in order to enforce this blockade.”

Nonetheless, Gazans have already gathered along the coast. With waving hands and flashing lights, the strangled Gazan population expects to welcome this international humanitarian mission with open arms and genuine hospitality. They don’t care about how much material is brought over. They just want to make sure the world knows about the oppression they face every single day.

Meanwhile, here is a small collection of frantic Twitter updates on the Flotilla heading towards Gaza:

2 Israeli warships now shadowing IHH Insani Yardim ship of the Freedom Flotilla, Israeli vessel approaching. // via @VEPalestine

US ACTION: Call Sec.State Clinton and demand safe passage for Freedom Flotilla 202-647-5291 // via @AMPalestine

Three #Israel naval craft set out from Haifa to meet the #Gaza Freedom #Flotilla after dark on Sunday.http://bit.ly/bWNmx5 // via @JamalDajani

satellite feed on #flotilla may be facing electronic jamming, the signal is coming in and out. but over 12,000 ppl still tuning in // via @norabf

Free Gaza Movement: IDF expected to send divers & commando’s on small inflatables to board & take over #Flotilla vessels // via @sayedm

From the #Flotilla: “The signals are going up and down. #Israel is doing its best to block the satellite.” // via @JamalDajani

We are surrounded by Israeli warships. They are sending voice signals #flotilla // via @allawati

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