Flotilla Update: Israel Attacks Convoy, Deaths Reported

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Flotilla Update: Israeli Navy Draws Near
Flotilla Update: Some of the activists have even felt the need to prepare wills
Flotilla Update: Israel Attacks Convoy, Deaths Reported (You are here)
Flotilla Update: Unarmed Activists Killed At Sea
Flotilla Update: Immediate Post-Attack
Flotilla Update: Global Outrage, Action Against Attack

A few moments ago, hostile Israeli forces attacked the Freedom Flotilla humanitarian aid convoy headed towards the Gaza Strip. The convoy was, however, still in international waters.

Live ammunition from Israeli helicopters was fired at the six boats comprising the Flotilla. In the surprise attack, five of six ships were boarded by Israeli naval units. Unconfirmed reports state that three have been killed and at least thirty injured.

Reporter stationed on a Flotilla boat requests order: “We don’t want any more injuries. Take your seats.”

Live video stream shows activists chanting “We are civilians!” Other activists are currently calling for immediate attention. An unconfirmed number of activists have been critically injured.

Activists aboard ships are attempting to contact Israeli Navy, requesting that they provide aid for the injured.

In both English and Hebrew, activists are pleading for the safety of the entire unarmed fleet of humanitarian aid boats. Qur’an is being played loudly in the background. Foreign correspondents aboard boats are waiting for external communication. It is hard to broadcast from a group of unarmed boats under attack in the middle of the sea.

Unconfirmed report: Other humanitarian organizations are making their way to the site of the attack.

Al Jazeera English has reportedly lost all contact with their foreign correspondent aboard the Flotilla.

Phonecast from Flotilla to Gaza TV reports the deaths of two individuals, not three. Thirty injured at least.

Live video stream shows that medics aboard the humanitarian aid convoy are currently trying to treat injured activists.

Gaza Freedom March reports that the Flotilla is 90 miles away from the coast of Gaza. This is still considered international waters.

Live video stream releases footage through Turkish media channel:

For live video stream of the unfoldings of this tragic event, clic: http://www.livestream.com/insaniyardim


There are 12 comments

  1. Gerd Berlev

    All the world must protest against Israels killing of innocent people – we will go to the embassy in Copenhagen

  2. Khaled Zayed

    That little state called “Israel” is becoming more and more criminal by the day. How long will the world continues to be silent to these crimes committed by Israel.

  3. deggbfsrf

    They’re killing eurpean citizens what more proof do you need, not only protest but full scale war againt Israel if they disaggre to cooperate, they show how incapable of gov their country and they must be taken.

  4. Zwiefler

    Another Capital Crime perpetrated on Humanity by the
    criminal gang ruling Israel. Interesting: After the News broke 20 German TV stations continued playing Hollywood
    Movies or cartoons and CNN reported about sporting events. The stepping down of the German President is
    a welcome means for the controlled TV stations to divert from the israeli crimes!

  5. Diane Conti-Tuncay

    What amazes me is that thousands of Palestinians have been savagely murdered and worse by Zionist Israelis yet when 20 foreign nationals are brutally murdered the world sits up and notices. Why is Palestinian blood any less precious?

    The way the events would unfold was typical Israeli text book, predictable –

    1.) The Israeli military comes out with great force
    2.) Cut all media access in or out
    3.) Commit heinous crimes without any witnesses
    4.) Take their time to get their lies in order and cover their tracks before giving the world their official response for their criminal actions
    5.) Their response is always the same – “we tried to be gentle and humane but they were rioting or attacking with sticks, so we had no choice but to mow as many down as we possibly could in the little opportune time that we had
    6.) Their refusal to cooperate with the UN or other official world agency
    7.) Stave off all relief efforts citing their national security

    It’s the same scenario over and over.

    Not this time. The same pony and dog show is old and stale. The world fought Nazism in Germany, Apartheid in South Africa and now Zionism in Israel. Your days are numbered Zionists.

  6. Pakistani Resources

    As we already know about israeli attack on (freedom fotila) by gunships.
    freedom fotila is a ship which carries 600 people on it and they were on board from turkey to ghaza. 3 Famous Pakistani are also the part of freedom fotila . Pakistani media, Government and civil society are drive this issue. But I ask a question from to all Pakistani’s that if an ordinary person were residing in that ship, the reaction of Pak Government would be the same?

  7. Asif Iqbal

    Such bias is what upsets Muslims so much. When Israel carries out state terrorism – there’s hardly any repercussion; whereas when ever it’s a Muslim nation sirens go off. Look a Saddam Hussain – no hero in my book. But all they need was an excuse of Al Qaeda, WMD and what not. Baseless but sufficient enough to invade and overthrow. Sad, very sad.

  8. anwar

    Salam to my all muslims brothers,,,,,,i have been following news on tv channels,,,it was a real act of terror by the israilies commondos on a peaceful convey ship,,,,at least 20 innocent people have been killed on the pretex of being miscreants,,,,Can i ask a Q to the world humanity? How many isarail’s have been killed by those on ship? How are international water being voilated?Does the piariats follow some norms before looting the ships? What type of weapons have been recoverd from freedom flotilla ship,,,,Answer is nothing but a real forcefull,unlawfull,mirceless,amd a brutal act of voilance by the israil. it will only increase enemosity in the heart of the muslims against isarial,who does not have many friends in the world in general and in muslims in particular.The people of GHAZA are humans and not alleians.Respect humanity.(For God sake)My heratfelt condolence to all those who lost their beloved one’s in this brutality…ALLAH HELP THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELF (Al Quran)

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