‘A “Life-Changing” Invention from the West Bank’

Sixty-two years of occupation, devastation, and oppression can never deter the minds and hearts of Palestinians, especially those of three ambitious Palestinian schoolgirls from Nablus. Amidst the apartheid-like and exclusionary policies surrounding them, these three Palestinian girls have defied the repression of Israeli occupation through their development of “Stick-tech”, a revolutionary cane designed to improve conditions for the blind. Their novel idea has earned them a chance to represent Palestine in the United States.

These girls – smart, goodhearted, optimistic – are the future of Palestine, and I’m happy with that.


There is one comment

  1. Deena Kishawi

    Salam Sami,

    I am very proud of the accomplishments of these girls. It takes a lot of genius to think of an invention that useful.

    Al Hamdulillah that someone has covered the news. I was not aware of the invention till someone who read your article told me. You are a great writer and you find passion is this subject. Keep up the good work Masha Allah.

    -Deena Kishawi

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