It took only sixteen minutes to Palestine

May 14, 1948, 4:00 pm, Tel Aviv

“I shall now read to you the scroll of the Establishment of the State,” says David Ben-Gurion to a crowd of 250. It takes him sixteen minutes to read the complete Israeli Declaration of Independence.

Only sixteen minutes.

And immediately after that, Palestine became what it is today.

Dreading the forthcoming destruction of missiles raining from up above, hidden in the shadows of walls twice the size of Berlin’s, and buried underneath the rubble of the roofs that once protected them, Palestinians have been stripped of their national – and international – identity. Ignored by the world and stripped of their human rights, the people of this stolen land continue to struggle for life, liberty, and the pursuit of a self-identity.

This is Palestine after those sixteen minutes. Welcome. Take a deep breath of this salty air. Shield your eyes from the sun and the tear gas canister flying your way. Keep your ears open. Did you hear that bone crack? I’m not sure why those soldiers are beating him either. He’s only twelve. And ignore the gunfire. You’ll get used to it.

This is Palestine. It only took sixteen minutes to get here. Just watch your step. The puddles of blood are notoriously deep.


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  1. Andreas Moser

    This is quite a falsification of history. Israel was not established by a unilateral declaration, but based on a preceeding vote in the General Assembly of the United Nations in which the majority of nations voted for a partition plan of the territory that had until then been part of the British Empire.

    1. Sami Kishawi

      How is anything written above a falsification of history? The word ‘unilateral’ wasn’t even used — even though, technically speaking, it should because the subsequent occupation was and is entirely a unilateral choice undertaken by Israel. And as you said, a partition plan was voted for but that doesn’t mean:
      a. an occupation was voted for, or
      b. de facto apartheid was voted for, or
      c. unilateral decisions to build illegal settlements in the West Bank, for example, was approved by a vote.

      And regarding votes, since Israel has a history of General Assembly votes at the UN, why is it doing all it can to undermine any Palestinian effort to establish a sovereign state through a UN vote?

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