‘Israel loves Iran’ message of peace is great, but message of hypocrisy is not

I expected SMP to receive its share of negative publicity after it published “Ten ways Israel loves Palestine“. The posters, modeled after the “Israel loves Iran” campaign, were seen by some as a bitter and disingenuous attempt to vilify well-intentioned Israelis and to detract from the underground outpouring of solidarity between Iranian and Israeli civilians who refuse to follow their leaders into war. Others even shed a tear, mistaking the post as a disheartening attack against the two Israeli artists behind the original campaign who put their necks out on the line for humanity. But all things considered, these misinterpretations gravely fail to acknowledge what exists between the lines. A message of peace is great; a message of hypocrisy is not.

There is no doubt in my mind that the individuals behind the “Israel loves Iran” campaign—those who created it, those who carried it on, and those who responded with likeminded messages of hope from Iran—are in it for the right reasons. Simply put, to avoid war, especially one that is so globally volatile, is to make the world a rounder place. This is great, of course, but the question remains: where has this humanism been for the last six and a half decades? [Read more…]


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