IDF condemns phosphorus shells after ‘Gaza-launched’ attack, possibly tampered with evidence

After targeting over a million Palestinian civilians in Gaza with barrages of white phosphorus shells during Operation Cast Lead in 2008-2009, the Israeli military is making it clear that phosphorus weapons are illegal under international law. According to the website for the Israel Defense Forces spokesperson:

“Mortar shells containing phosphorus, which when exposed to air burn through anything with which they come into contact, are illegal under international law when fired at civilians.”

Ignoring the blatant hypocrisy behind this particular reminder, the report itself contains a major inconsistency. In the brief news report released on 21 August 2011, the IDF spokesperson alleges that a “mortar shell with phosphorus was fired at the Kerem Shalom land crossing along the Israel-Gaza border”. It shows two photographs (embedded within screenshots of the website):

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