MSM: ‘Bomb blast, shooting in Norway has Islamic feel to it’

From the very surprised and seemingly disappointed Guardian:

“Targeting government offices and the Labour party camp point to political agenda behind attacks rather than Islamist terrorism”.

A gunman dressed as a police officer shot and killed upwards of 80 people at a Labour Party youth camp on the small island of Utøya just hours after a car bomb killed seven individuals in Oslo’s government district. Police arrested a 32-year old Anders Behring Breivik, “who happens to be conservative Christian who enjoys classical music and the video game World of Warcraft“, in connection with the pair of attacks.

The news is still unfolding, and more is being revealed by the minute. But one thing is for certain: your local news program is more concerned with finding a hidden link to an “Islamist” group than with the actual devastation rattling the streets of Norway. [Read more…]


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