See: Israeli settlers walk into a Palestinian home and decide it belongs to them

This footage, filmed and published in 2009, gives you an intimate yet disturbing close-up of colonial expansion and occupation. Watch as over a dozen Jewish settlers make their way into a Palestinian home in Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and lay claim to a section of the property.

The home belonged to the Al-Kurd family. Rifqa Al-Kurd, 90, attempted to keep the settlers from entering the home but the settlers quickly moved around her, bringing their own belongings into the house and removing the family’s belongings from the premises. [Read more...]

Kuffiyeh makes guest appearance on ‘House of Cards’

Season 2 of House of Cards dropped on Netflix just one hour ago and already Palestinian audiences around the world are rejoicing over the kuffiyeh that made a cameo appearance halfway through the first episode. Lock eyes with it at around the 33rd minute.

Expect the ADL to draft a dramatic statement on the anti-Israel rampancy of the scene.

Israel to develop more potent tear gas ‘to handle stubborn Palestinians’

RAMALLAH, WEST BANK — A chief Israeli military advisor announced plans to equip soldiers with a more potent tear gas after concluding a controlled field study in the West Bank village of Bil’in last week.

Four Israeli soldiers underwent intense teargas exposure during what appeared to be a routine assault on Palestinian youth during Bil’in’s weekly Friday protest.

An undisclosed number of tear gas canisters were ignited in the back of a specially-equipped combat truck before the soldiers safely escaped from the vehicle’s rear exit.

“That was the worst experience I have ever lived through,” said Cpl. Adi Shamir while receiving medical attention moments after exiting the fuming truck.

“Since we are trained to launch tear gas canisters into dense crowds of Palestinians where there is little to no ventilation, our goal was to see whether our chemicals were as effective as they need to be,” he added. [Read more...]

Israel’s Instagram account is trying too hard

#Come #on, #now. #If #anything, #the #IDF #soldier #is #following #orders #to #move #the #man #to #the #thin #strip #of #street #Palestinians #are #occasionally #allowed #to #walk #on.

Quick reminder that Israeli soldiers actively enforce separation on Al-Khalil’s streets. The most notable example is Shuhada Street, which Palestinians are explicitly barred from traveling. Palestinian pedestrians have been arrested and even denied re-entry into the occupied West Bank as a result of walking along the pavement. [Read more...]

Photo of the Week: Israeli soldiers teargas themselves

Photo credit: Hamde Abu Rahma
Date taken: February 7, 2014
Location: Bil’in, West Bank, Palestine

Israeli soldiers quickly evacuate a military jeep after setting off tear gas canisters inside of the vehicle. The soldiers had been deployed to confront protesters in the West Bank village of Bil’in where a weekly demonstration against Israel’s barrier wall is held. [Read more...]

Successful walkout on Israeli war propaganda event at UW-Milwaukee

Students and community members at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee staged a successful walkout yesterday during a talk by author Ron Leshem whose work promotes anti-Palestinian and anti-Muslim sentiment.

Leshem, an Israeli author and media producer who assisted with the development of controversial show Homeland, was invited to speak about his experience in the television industry. The event was held at the university’s Golda Meir Library and was sponsored by the Milwaukee Jewish Federation and hosted by Hillel Milwaukee. Leshem’s work, which includes the film Beaufort, aims largely to draw sympathy to Israeli occupation soldiers.

According to multiple sources, officers with the Milwaukee Police Department were dispatched to the event in anticipation of the walkout.

Leshem’s talk centered on his vision of using film and media to depict the Israeli experience to large audiences.

When Leshem showed a video clip of Beaufort, which mainly consisted of an Israeli showing his scars, thirty audience members stood up, removed their jackets, and exposed signs that were taped to their shirts. The signs read “Occupation is not Education” and “Boycott Israel”.

Among the demonstrators were members of Students for Justice in Palestine chapters at both the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and Marquette University, as well as members of Friends of Palestine and the Palestine Solidarity Coalition. Local alumni and community supporters also participated in the action, including an Air Force veteran.

When the protesters stated their opposition to the occupation and the way Leshem was capitalizing on the suffering of Palestinians and Lebanese, audience members who remained seated began to jeer them and verbally insult them in English, Hebrew, and Spanish, according to a source at the scene.

What do the words Nakba and Naksa really mean?

Guest contribution by Omar Chaaban

Perhaps there is some utility to maintaining the way the Palestinians choose to describe their collective experience. It is true that if one were to look at the literal superficial meaning of terms like Nakba and Naksa, one can only find unfortunate generalities that can obfuscate the experience that the Palestinians have had to endure for over 65 years. But, there is more to the words Nakba and Naksa and they do not merely mean ‘catastrophe’ and ‘setback’ as it is often referred to in non-Arabic literature.

Related read: The misuse of terminology in the Palestinian narrative is a failing coping mechanism.

The word Nakba in Arabic has very deep and powerful connotations that no word in English can fully grasp. For the Palestinian that found himself forced, at gunpoint, to leave his house and land, with his wife and large family, what happened to him is not simply a ‘catastrophe.’ It is an extremely powerful psychological experience that involved vicious uprooting from the land that his father, grandfather, and great grandfather have farmed for generations. It is an experience that exacted upon the Palestinians a traumatic humiliation in the face of an aggressive invasion and Arab betrayal. [Read more...]

Chilean football club counters jersey ban with more prominent map of historic Palestine

The Chilean football federation recently banned a top tier team from using a jersey that featured the map of historic Palestine in exchange for the number one. But the team has struck back with an updated kit design that prominently features the map on the front and center of the jersey.

Club Deportivo Palestino, one of Chile’s oldest club teams, unveiled new kits in December. After playing just three matches, complaints from pro-Israel communities pressured the National Association of Professional Football of Chile to ban the club’s jerseys and fine CD Palestino an equivalent of $1,300.

But the Santiago-based team, founded by Palestinian immigrants in 1920, has chosen not to shy away from the club’s heritage. Despite loose allegations that the team was mixing the sport “with politics and religion,” the team unveiled a new jersey design that moved the map to the front of the shirt. Miniature maps of Palestine are also inset into the bottom of the numbers on the back of the jersey, right above Bank of Palestine’s sponsor spot. [Read more...]

Scarlett Johansson and Oxfam part ways in what can only be seen as another BDS win

Update: Oxfam has accepted Scarlett Johansson’s resignation, recognizing her role with SodaStream is “incompatible” with her role with Oxfam.

In a rather odd twist, Scarlett Johansson has reportedly ended her relationship with a humanitarian group to side with a company that operates out of an illegal Israeli settlement and exploits Palestinian labor and resources. Although the 29-year-old actress coolly credits this to “a fundamental difference of opinion,” we are left to read between the lines and appreciate the critical attention this has earned companies that profit on Israel’s occupation.

Eight years ago, Johansson signed on to become a global ambassador for Oxfam International, an aid and advocacy agency established to combat poverty and injustice. But she and Oxfam parted ways shortly after Johansson was announced as SodaStream’s first global brand ambassador earlier this month. [Read more...]

Israeli investigation into rock threat ends with arrest of Palestinian man

HEBRON, WEST BANK — Israeli settlers can breathe a sigh of relief following the discovery of a palm-sized rock in a Palestinian man’s home today.

Anas Mryan, 30, was arrested and transferred to a high security prison in the south of Israel after a team of Israeli soldiers searched his house and discovered the object.

“We received a call from one of the local settlers who gave us a tip relevant to an ongoing investigation of terror cell units in Judea and Samaria,” said Raev Yonan, a reserve officer stationed just outside of the Tel Rumeida settlement in the West Bank. “I immediately radioed Central Command and they quickly sent a team into a nearby town to search a man’s house for the weapon we had been looking for.”

After half an hour of rummaging through Mryan’s home in the village of Bani Na’im and confiscating all laptops, cellular phones, and cameras, one soldier spotted the rock and promptly put Mryan in cuffs.

“He thought he was being clever. He was using the rock to hold his bedroom door open but we were not born yesterday. We are Israel. He can’t fool us,” said Pvt. James Schenn as he emerged from Mryan’s home. Schenn, a recent college graduate who was born and raised in Los Angeles, U.S.A., joined the Israeli army one year ago after seeing an advertisement on Instagram but had seen very little action and was growing impatient. [Read more...]


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